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    I've been listening to music almost 24 hours a day, even when I sleep. Same ~270 songs played on shuffle. I'm adding more and more songs, to make it fresh, but I find myself skipping through the playlist to find the new songs I added, and once those have been overplayed, it sounds as shitty as all the other overplayed songs.

    Edit: I have over 7,000 songs, I've just been listening to a playlist with the best songs out of the 7,000 in it.

    Should I just stop listening to music for a couple days to make my music sound... fresher?
  2. Music never gets old. I do have 10k songs on my Itunes though...

    There are millions of songs. Just find em.
  3. I've got 3k songs on my Zune and everyone is played out. I've got like 40k plays on these 3k songs. I'm burnt out from them....
  4. Just go get more and more music, it never stops man.
  5. I mean, every Led Zeppelin song is boring to me now. It sucks. Led Zeppelin is my favorite band. I want to be able to enjoy them again.
  6. Take a tolerance break haha

    open your mind dude, listen to something else....
  7. I have been. I got all the Donovan and Jefferson Airplane albums, so I've been listening to those, but now those are getting boring abnormally fast.
  8. Happened to me too, one thing you could do is discover a new genre and go from there.
  9. Music will never be boring.
  10. It's pretty common to get burnt out on music. If I were you I'd make dope playlists every now and then, not just one huge playlist or put it on shuffle. That way you can hear new music but go back to other lists later. I hate putting my ipod on shuffle because I'll skip past so much stuff. It also makes your times played pretty ridiculous on some songs.
  11. Have you tried other genres? Blues and/or jazz? How about reggae, ska, and dub? Punk? Metal? Music from around the world? Two hundred and seventy songs is not a lot whatsoever.
  12. I'll try different playlists. I just had one big playlist called "Good Music".

    I'll probably make a Psychedelic playlist or something.
  13. You just gotta try out different genres really. I stay away from dubstep, drum and bass, pop, 'hip pop', basically all fake and/or electronic music. But I love heavy metal, classic rock, old school hip hop and recently ive been digging some jazz. Need to listen to more classical too. But what I will say is, the most popular bands of a genre, while normally good are hardly ever the best. There are some amazing underground, obscure bands that you can find.

    The best thing to do when bored with music is to get really high and listen to something new. Being high makes you more open minded (though I can sense ungeniune music more), and progressive, creative and improvised music are good when your high. I'll just give you a random selection of songs, if you like what you hear then you can listen to more songs and listen to similar bands.

    US Power/Speed Metal from 1987:

    [ame=]Riot "On Wings Of Eagles" - YouTube[/ame]


    [ame=]My Favorite Things - John Coltrane - YouTube[/ame]

    Experimental hip hop from 1991:

    [ame=]A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (We've Got) - YouTube[/ame]

    Vektor: Progressive Sci-Fi Blackened Death Thrash Metal lol.

    [ame=]Vektor - Accelerating Universe [HD/1080i] - YouTube[/ame]

    Very classical influenced melodic thrash:

    [ame=]Helstar - To Sleep, Per Chance To Scream - YouTube[/ame]

    Just awesome:

    [ame=]Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein 1973 - YouTube[/ame]

    The most unique of all thrash bands, great Pink Floyd cover:


    Very creative 70's prog


    There is an an endless supply of good music, just dont stop with the most popular. Maybe you have no interest in the videos i posted, but maybe there is something you havent heard that really appeals to you.
  14. Try listening to full albums instead of random individual songs. I think there's a lot of value in that.
  15. Yep, listen to full albums ^ especially old albums as they were meant to be listened to in there entirety.
    I think you're problem is lack of songs I have almost 5,000 in my itunes and I try to add at least 2 albums a week.
    Also if you're actually listening to music 24 hours a day that's easily gonna overplay them all, I usually listen to about two albums a day right after blazing, and sometimes shuffle my library while I sleep.
    You're probably gonna have to take a 2 year break from Zep unfortunately, I overplayed beatles a few years back and it's still hard to listen to them the same as I used to.
  16. I have over 7000 songs, I just put the best of the best in a playlist and listened to it constantly.
  17. maybe I should listen to some g thug rap for a week to see if that fixes anything.
  18. or Scottish psych folk from the 60's.
  19. I'm listening to Cream's 'Wheels of Fire'.

    I always remembered my dad saying "I haven't heard this song in a long time!"

    I do need to get a break from music.
  20. Music will never get boring. I love music, the right song in the right mood or setting has the power to bring it to a totally new level of awesomeness. Kind of like drugs can haha.

    Do you like all types of music? Or just classic rock and a few other genres? Theres a lot of bands and songs that I have overplayed and got sick of. You just need to take a break from it, kind of like a tolerance break. Eventually you can put it on and be like wow, this is so good I havent heard it in forever. Explore some new music, either on your own or ask your friends what they been listening to a lot of lately. My buddies are always introducing me to new bands, some good, some bad but you gotta give it a chance.

    Most of the time I listen to music its thru my computer and making a youtube account so I can make playlists was such a good call. Pretty much any song you want to listen to, just type it and play it. I love it, its a shame the ads pop up way more often than they used to. Ive found a lot of awesome bands I had never heard of on the related videos section too.

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