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  1. Who here are also festy heads. Some of the more recent festivals I went to were Langerado, Rothbury, and Trinumeral
  2. I hit Rothbury this year. It was awesome.
  3. damn dude you came all the way up here for trinumeral?

    ive attended all three of those.

    it was awesome.

    all good i still my favorite.
  4. I went to Bonnaroo this year. It was my first festival, so it's fair to say my cherry was busted in the most abrupt way possible.

    "DOSES AND SHROOMS, DOSES AND SHROOMS!" Heard just about every minute when you're walking around.

    All in all, festivals are the shit. Although a perfect place to score, the real reason for going is of course the amazing music. Sigur Ros and DJ Tiesto blew my MIND.
  5. Yall should hit up the lake eden art festival in NC this october. Expand your knowledge of cultures around the world while passing a joint to an eskimo or indian. They do all sorts of tight cultural shit like that fire spinning and different music and instruments, it's pretty ill.
  6. I was at my dads house in nashville when I went to trinum

    Did any one get a chance to go to Lapapalooza?

    I also went to a Bassnectar show and the bass was so loud I had to leave bcuz I didn't know where I was. I had to get back into reality, I also ate 6 doses so it kinda figured
  7. Went to Rothbury this summer. I'll definetely be back there.

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