Music and free smoking tools= Baller

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  1. I found a way to get myself a bong by listening to music while stoned. I signed up on this website called slice the pie and they pay you around .06-.07 cent per song you listen to and wright a short review. I just made like 2$ while i was stoned. You know when you really get into something while your baked and you try to go faster n faster at it thats pretty much what happened. If you guys wana sign up you can sign up here:Slicethepie.

    Anyways I plan on buying a piece once i make enough money off this but its EASY AS FUCK. Obiously you need paypal for this shit and don't make the mistake that i did and made two accounts because you have to use your paypal email to sign up. Anyways click the scout tab after signing up and it will start playing music for you and you just listen to it then write a review, but it has to be about the song like the beats or how the person sings and shit like that. Then you give it a rating out of 10. You have to listen to the song for 90 seconds(luckily i was stoned because this one shitty song which if I was sober would make me blow my brains out). Anyways you get paid on how good your review is max i think is like 20 cents on a review but you praticaly have to write a novel. When you see the box that you gotta type your review in you just need to fill that box with whatever you liked or hated about the song. Then click submit when that timer runs out and poof you got some money. Doing this for an hour when i was hauling ass i made 90 cents.

    If you join good luck if not mabye this will change your mind.
    Its a $30 000 bong but you would have better luck getting this if you won the lottery.

    This is the perfect way to make money online if your an under 18 stoner which of course are not alowed on these fourms :ey:. Have fun and smoke weed everyday.:smoking:

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