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  1. I thought this was another cool story.This story is about my first time tripin on shrooms now i have triped a few times after that but like any first experiance with a new drug you usually get the strongest effect off it based on of course the quality of the drug but in my case these were the best shrooms i have done to this day. So its me and 2 other friends josh, and mike. Mike is she only one out of us that has tripped and says its alot of fun so we call around for hours lookin for shrooms and find them an hour away so at 10:30 at night Mike and I start drivin to the shrooms with 2 joints to get us there and back so we smoke one on the way and one on the way back we get back at about 12:30 and we all split 2 8th of shrooms so me and josh get 2/3 of an 8th for our first time and about 30-60 min later we start trippin so about 1 in the morning. We were in josh's apt. and he had a black light so to me everyone in the light kinda resembled a cartoon character and our freinds jon and mark were also there but were not trippin and i told mark he reminded me of rocko some cartoon character and he was eatin chips and in the black light when he moved his arm fast to eat one its like i never even saw it cuz it was so fast and everytime i entered a new room i felt as if i was someone else or somethin i obviously cant describe it but i was trippin so what can i say anyways me josh and mike decide to walk 2 blocks to a gas station and get lost cuz nothin looks familiar to us and when we finally get there we cant stay inside for more than 2 min cuz we keep laughin so we leave and get back to ther apt. and somehow those to convince me to drive somewhere and it took all my concentration with that and we stop at 1 other gas station but bust out laughin in it and the person workin obviously knows we are on somethin then we go to my house at 2:30 in the mornin and accidentally wake up my parents and they rip me a new one while im trippin but they didnt know and they make me take mike and josh home and come right back home and when i get back home i go strait to bed and cant get right to bed so im up and trippin for 3 more hours so i smoked a bowl and that helped me go down.The End.
  2. Sounds pretty funny. Really vague though. Unless you can't remember, you shoulda gone into more detail about what you did at the gas stations or what you said or something like that. But all-in-all, nice trip-story.
  3. Mushrooms are fun.

    Reading long run-on sentences with occasionally punctuation is not...

    Hah, I'm just playing man.
  4. hey congrats on the good trip.... and congrats on waking up your parents,.... did that affect your trip at all?



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