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  1. So i just got an eighth of some type of cubensis. This would be my first time tripping off shrooms. Do you all think it would be alright to eat about half of them alone and see what happens? Im not quite sure what to expect and id like to be able to control myself.
  2. welcome to the city. i wouldnt recommend doing em alone. at least get a trusted trip sitter.
  3. Eating half the eighth first will let you realize what your getting into. If you like it and feel like you can handle more, eat the other half. Let me tell you though, there is a large difference in experience when you eat a whole eigth rather than just half. I always eat at least an eigth because thats the area where you can reach pure euphoria you've never felt before. Good luck and have fun. If you start trippin wierd you just gotta remember YOUR ON MUSHROOMS.
  4. A full 1/8 will have you tripping, for the most part, it is a trip.

    Half an 1/8, colors might get distorted but you will have a good time.

    I've done both doses, and I'll stick to half 1/8s or less.
  5. Thanks, yeah i will be in a posative setting, i have tripped on other substances before and i can handle it pretty good as far as not getting freaked out... im just worried about not being able to control myself, which is why i MIGHT eat only a half eighth. What can i expect on a trip of a half eighth?
  6. I just mentioned the distorted colors... you might find things funny that you normally won't (frog jumping could all of sudden split your side).

    Say you do eat too much and you feel you can't handle the trip. Drink a large glass of milk, works everytime.
  7. alright thanks, by distorted colors you mean things will seem more vibrant??
  8. my advice is to eat 2 grams

    wait a lil while and if you feel like you want and can handle the rest

    happy tripping
  9. Personally, I like doing shrooms alone or, barring that, with one or two other very close friends. Most people I know agree with this sentiment, but some feel just the opposite and like to be in a large group.

    Start with half an 8th for your first trip. I cannot stress this enough. I'm not trying to be a dick, but the fact is that most people here who talk about how you need at least an 8th to trip etc. etc. are getting low-quality mushrooms that weren't grown by experts and they are giving you very stupid advice. An 8th of very well-grown, potent mushrooms can give you an incredibly uncomfortable trip mentally, emotionally and physically if you're not prepared for it.
    Yes, the chances are that the shrooms you have also aren't "top of the line" super potent shit. But, assuming you're not an expert mycologist, you won't know until you do them. Part of being a responsible drug user is starting small with any new substance and seeing how it reacts with your body's chemistry, how it reacts with your mind and personality and how it integrates into your life. It would be better to take the half 8th and not trip at all than to take the full 8th and end up with a hellish trip for the next 10 hours.

    Sometimes the lack of common sense that I see here disgusts me. (Definitely not aimed at anyone in this thread, just a general statement towards all of those who I've seen giving advice on things they don't understand at all recently.)
  10. like the nutmeg thread??? hahahahaaa
  11. i ate an 8th my first time, and it was just fine but i've tripped hard on acid and eaten ridiculous amounts of E in a night so i was basically prepared, i laughed for like the first 45 minutes straight. Don't eat an 8th by yourself though!
  12. i would honestly say eat an eighth for your first time because it's rare that a half eighth is ever sufficient. if they're stronger than you thought you won't be driven to kill yourself and it won't be harmful on your body. all you need to remember is that you're tripping and it's in your head. i mean you'll only have half an eighth left and that would be boring to barely trip on half an 1/8 and then barely trip on half an 1/8 again.
  13. As long as your prepared for what your getting yourself into you should be fine. Just take it as it comes, don't try to fight the feelings if they get too intense, that only makes things worse.

    I did a little over a 1/2 8th my first time and it was plenty enough, I had an absolutely amazing time and it lasted a good 4-5 hours. I probably could of handled the full 8th but I'm definitely not going to complain, I was feeling pure awesome regardless and it's always better to be safe at first then sorry later.

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