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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nucan, Dec 4, 2002.

  1. damn, boarding school sucks. i got put on this student support shit and i get randomly drug tested all the time now. ive heard from a couple of kids that shrooms dont show up on any drug test of any kind, and that acid doesnt show up on hair just wondering if anyone can verify any of this. cuz if its true, im just gonna shroom basically every chance i get.. lol, ill prolly end up eating some poisinous mushroom and die tripping..damn thatd suck. but anyways, if anyone knows wehre to find a field guide for identifing them (i might just go shroom huntin in some near by pasture) plesae post it here...or u can just send me some :).lol..thanks again guys
  2. I used to be at boarding school, but I got expelled for smoking and supplying.
    My friend who only smoked it got suspended, and now that he's back he has to have random drugs tests.


    But there are ways to fuck the system and pass the test regardless of how much tokin' you've done.
  3. yea i heard that shrooms and extasy can only be detected through expensive tests which pretty much no business or school has the time or money to do. i am pretty sure you are all set to go shroom tripping. if i were you i wouldnt go try to pick them though, i would just buy them. but if you do pick them remember that shrooms always bruise blue. later
  4. there are cow pastures and horse pastures all over here, well there is also seven inches of snow on the ground at the moment, I want to get some...

    I asked this ? before but how much should you eat? I've been told you can eat about 1/4 of a shroom head and trip at full potentcy but the effects wear down faster.

    this is a stupid ? too but do shrooms ever get more expensive, like in the winter for some reason, I've heard that too...

    I just feel like loosing my grip on reality for a while.
  5. ya i know what u mean man, i feel that way all the time. im pretty sure its close to impossible to OD on shrooms. but its very possible that you eat a poisinous one..and that would suck. but if they are good shrooms u can eat an 1/8 and be good, but like to eat around 1/4 if i have enough. i dont know if prices get higher though, i have problems finding shrooms at all most of the time.
  6. U americans seem to be fucking crazy about em! over here ppl just randomly live and let live! college knew i smoked but didn't do fuck all about it or even really mention it - if they'd suggested a drug test or even forced me to have one i'd have kicked up merry hell!!!!!!!
    Bollocks - do u USA citizens have no rights at fucking all?

  7. ecstacy can be tested for in OTC drug testing kits that cost about $10 or so (most places don't test for it though). shrooms don't show up in urin tests. most UT's only test for THC, amphetemines, PCP, cocain, and opiates (heroin, opium, morphine... anything from the poppy plant). as for acid, that can only be tested for by doing a spinal tap, which is very illegal. but the chances of you finding real lsd anywhere in the US is very small.... very very small, lol.

    a word of advice... shrooms don't always bruise blue. there are mushrooms that bruise blue, and if you eat 'em, you're fucked unless you can get a liver transplant.

    go to if you wanna know the facts about shrooms. and if you wanna get 'em in the winter you're probably gonna have to grow them yourself unless you live in a more tropical environment.
  8. That's not true...

    They grow in England the whole time between September and February.

    As long as it's wet and there's tall grass. England's not tropical :p It just rocks.
  9. the gulf stream keep england at a warmer temp. than it would be otherwise... does it get cold enough snow there (often) during the winters? if not, that's probably why. many places in the US are too cold during the winter months for mushroom growth. they're usually found (most abundantly) during spring and autumn...
  10. you guys know of any good shroom grow kits? my friend just started out growing some, and i've seen a bunch of kits for sale online.. they seem like a good deal, but i'd rather hear from you guys. what kind of kit is the best?

    so far i've seen two kinds of kits. plastic box and rice-cake kit, and air-tight plastic baggie with stuff inside and all you need to do is squirt the spores in kit.
  11. last time i went shrooming...
    my visuals were so strong that the whole time i was seeing things with my eyes closed. i thought i understood the universe, how everything is connected, how everything repeats.. etc etc. when i wasn't pretending to be the carpet or some random particle in space, i was watching the universe in bird's eye view. i don't remember whether the music was purely in head, but it was mind-blowing as well.

    i was never quite the same afterwards.
  12. you only saw visuals with your eyes closed? sounds like you only had a level 3 or 4 trip... level 5's are the most fun :D you loose all conseptions of reality. it's insane. and yeah... most people usually are never the same after trippin'
  13. i think you got me wrong on that post... i meant that everything i saw was unrelated to what my real eyes were seeing. half the time i probably had my eyes closed while seeing the most incredible things... whether i had my eyes open or closed never entered my mind the whole trip. pretty weird.

    it was "level 5" alright.
    i.e. at some point i was floating around in the void, and all i could see were huge dark (or transparent) metallic ribbons. my brain was telling me that these ribbons floating in space were concepts, and its two ends and its length represented the beginnging and end, and duration of concepts. at that time this crap made sense, and that was all there was in the universe.

    about an hour before that i was apprently struggling to get my sweater off. i tried to wriggle out of it without any success, and lost my balance in my sitting position and hit my head on the wooden floor in the process. i tried to get up but i tipped over again. this didn't register to me as pain, but rather something i had to endure, a necessity of life. so the next five minutes (which seemed like years) i spent deliberately tipping over and banging my head on the floor. i had to stop when the sweater covered half my face, thus one of my eyes, and i thought the universe i lived in was going through some spacial transformation, where everything in the left remained 3d but everything in the right kind of swirled into a void (the sweater covered my right eye, and it was cutting off curculation on my left arm).

    so ya. level 5 man.
  14. sounds like a great trip. yeah... i misunderstood your post. i wasn't trying to be an ass or anything... so sorry if it came off that way. lol. i know what ya mean about minutes feeling like hours... my first time on shrooms was a 'level 5' trip... i also had to walk like 3 miles (give or take) while i was peaking. it felt like i went on a journey that lasted for days... in reality it took like 3 and a half hours (i got lost several times). people ask me where i went and i'm like "i don't know... somehow i woke up in my bed" all i remember was making it to my friend's house, him and his boys smoking a fatty dank blunt (i just layed on his bed and enjoyed the bake), me leaving his house, and me waking up... i remember some of the visuals i saw, but i have no clue where i went that night :D best trip i've ever had.
  15. no problemo.

    you know, i've only purchased weed about five times, so you can imagine i don't know too much about the taste of weed.

    i've always heard that some weed has a citrus kind of smell, but i never knew mine was like that until i rolled a joint and started sucking on it without actually lighting it.

    this is definnitely an orange.

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