mushrooms and relationships

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  1. So this girl who I've had a crush on for the past few weeks asked me if I want to split a quad of mushrooms with her next week. I was wondering if my fellow blades think this is a good idea or if this will hurt my chances. also ive tripped once before on shrooms and loved it.
  2. did she mean do the shrooms with her or just split the bag?

    if she meant for you to do the shrooms together, i say go for it.
  3. ya she meant do shrooms with her... which is weird because me and her have only been hanging out for the past week... basically every day during lunch we smoke a blunt at someones house
  4. anyone else?
  5. Man that would be the shit. Def. do it!
  6. thanks for the reply man +rep
  7. you know how shrooms are could hit it off in a very spiritual nonsexual way, maybe not
  8. No prob, had a friend do it with one chick and he said they connected amazingly and it was an awesome trip. I personally would love to do it with a chick too. Nothing but good vibes
  9. Dude. fukcing do it. You will advance that relationship by a good year worth of hanging out.
  10. thanks thats a great way of explaining it +rep
  11. Yes yes yes. The best and deepest conversations I've ever had with my current girlfriend have occurred on mushrooms.

    During the trip.....not so much, since most of what you're saying probably won't make sense anyway.....but on the comedown you will be able to communicate clearer than ever before and your mind will be racing with profound things that you want to talk about.
  12. doing mushrooms with some one makes you so close i say do it it will make it so easier to relate to her and there fore pick her up
  13. thanks man i needed to hear that...

    do u think shes trying to pick me up by suggesting we tri together... im really bad at picking up hints

  14. yes lol, i mean u would know better, but by what your telling us it seems so.
  15. Yeah man I'd definitely recommend doing it. I tripped with this guy on shrooms a few weeks ago. I had only hung out with him a few times before so I didn't know him super well. But I ended up having a blast and we experienced so much on that trip together that we're really good friends now.

    I think this would be perfect for you two
  16. I have no experience because I have only done it once (And my boyfriend is anti-drugs, so bummer), but my friend Erica and her boyfriend when they shroom out look SO damn happy together. Like I just WONDER what the fuck they're talking about with their minds. And they MET through shrooms, too. She constantly barks about how great the sex is, buuuuuuuuut I usually walk away from her when she gets into that >__> I can definately say it will be a truly bonding experience.
  17. that sounds awesome
  18. Oh man do it up!
  19. what does that erven mean lol
  20. Yep I can honestly tell you that you guys will learn a lot about each other. Just have a good time and chill.

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