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Discussion in 'General' started by just blaze, May 9, 2006.

  1. i got .7 grams of mushrooms for a couple days ago no use throwing em away might as well eat them, will i feel anything at all if i eat such a small amount?

    also i'm taking 60mg of adderall smoking a couple bowls and doing a line or two before i goto a show...
  2. I wouldnt mix the shrooms with the other drugs, but then again its hardly enough to make you feel anything.
  3. i wouldnt think so unless they are really potent. i had a cap weigh out to be .9g's and alls i did was eat the one cap and i was tripping balls for a while
  4. I'd smoke some herb with em, but you should feel something. Take them on an empty stomach, preferably right when you wake up... you'll get the most out of em.
  5. I would actually go against what's being said and say that yeah you'll feel something for sure. I've eaten less and felt all happy and seen lights move and shit. Maybe I just got hooked the fuck up. Eh?
  6. Make sure you are not on any SSRI's take the .7 grams, grind it up finly then put it in a shotglass filled with lemon juice, let sit about 30 mins. Take about a gram or so of Syrian Rue, it is a MAOI, if you have access to another type of MAOI do some research first then take it if it is safe, drink the lemon shroom shot, prepare for astounding results from under a gram :)

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