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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by EyeKicker, May 25, 2009.

  1. I just found these mushrooms growing in my front yard and I was wordering if they were hallucenogenic. If it helps I live in Boulder, Colorado. Here are some pictures. Thank you for any help. :)



  2. Do not eat mushrooms from your yard.

  3. Well can someone identify them? Or is it just no?
  4. I can't identify them by name but I am certain they are not psychedelic mushrooms and they are very likely not safe to eat as food either. Those grow in my lawn too, they seem to usually come up where a tree was cut down years ago and the stump is rotting away underground.
  5. only eat muchrooms on top of cow shit .. honestly.. there the ones that have the philyscib or however its spelt
  6. This is equally as dangerous as eating random mushrooms picked from your yard. Although psilocybin mushrooms can grow on cow droppings simply finding them growing in this environment does not indicate that they are psychedelic. They have the potential to make you very sick or kill you just like many mushrooms that grow in lawns.
  7. Also wrong.
    And it's just a no, I can't name species as I focus on actives and those are not anywhere near anything active.
  8. Those definitively have absolutely no psilo in them whatsoever.

    Picking random fungi off your front lawn and consuming them in hopes to get fucked up is generally a horrible idea.

    Do NOT put those in your body. Those are definitely not psychedelic mushrooms and you will most likely have a miserable experience if you consume those.
  10. go looking in cow feilds

    dont kill yourself
  12. no dude

    that would be toooo good :p
  13. the only way you're gonna get anywhere near a positive identification is if you take a spore print and find a mycologist.

    edit- you can always just dry them out and eat them, i would say, worst case scenario, you'll be sick. there's only one deadly mushroom in my area, not sure how that'll pan out for ya.

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