mushroom head show last night

Discussion in 'General' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. so last night me and 2 friends decided to go to the colusium, its a huge building with a techno club, a beer garden, a regular bar and a concert hall. we got there and found out at the door mushroom head was playin. after popin a few thizzles and smokin and drinking i had enough standing around so your very own jws started the first pit of the night. after that i go to the club and leave jeff and moose in the beer garden. they dont know how to behave with hot girls. i got in there and some random sexy ass girls hear me say im rollin and just burry my face in their titties at the same time and gave me a massage. from there it was time to move on so i decided to see how many girls i could make out with on the floor. 9 i think. i brought some girls back to jeff and moose but they scared em away. oh well, it was still one hell of an evening. i just thought this prolly should be in real life. sorry.
  2. damn, must have been some pretty slutty girls.
  3. I love beautiful women, and thizz, AND mushroom head.]

    lucky fuck.
  4. yeah it was kinda off the chain. and yeah i guess the girls were a little slutty but i got a knack for spittin fire and meltin the honeys when im thizzin. it aint hard to get girls to do what you want if you talk right.
  5. haha, you have buddy called moose? I know a guy named moose as well.

    Sounds like a fun night.
  6. New Mushroomhead = suckage.
  7. Damn I was gonna go so I probably wouldve seen you in the pits, but I never seen hot chicks at mushroomhead... yall got lucky:D

  8. nah there wernt any hot girls at mushroom head. just the usual grungy ass metal types. the ladies i was after were in the techno club.
  9. Yeah that makes a lot more sense
  10. New MH isnt very good

    XX was such a sweet album, i wish they would come to FL again

    but sounds like a pretty tight nite bro
  11. mushroomhead rocks, perfect music for killing people playing halo! :smoke:

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