Muse: The Resistance

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  1. For all you Muse lovers....thoughts? I personally think it is an all around awesome CD, definitely NOT like their old stuff. I really like how they use the orchestra/piano but it is for sure missing the upbeat rock that I loved in the other CDs.
  2. i havent heard a lot of muyse but from what i have heard i like em...ill definetly check this album out
  3. Muse's new album 'The Resistance' is a self-absorbed, overproduced waste of time that borders on plaigarism.
    WTF?! a three part symphony? Exogenesis pt1,2 & 3? Someone let the fame get to their head... Muse should stick to making slightly ironic, epic tracks like knights of cydonia instead of making songs that Queen would write if they were still functional and had a huge bag of cocaine. One or two songs are ok and will probably make good singles. The fact is, however, that as an album 'The Resistance' shows how self worshipping Muse have become.
    If you disagree with me, you're entitled to your opinion.
    But you're wrong.

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