muscle relaxants

Discussion in 'General' started by Locus, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. yo i just remembered i've had some of these for a while and i dont have any weed i can smoke at the moment..can you get fucked up at all on these? ..i have no idea but since ive got nothin else i just thought id ask
  2. well, i'm not supporting this but my guess would be u'd fall asleep, but i could be wrong too.

    just be careful okay:D
  3. haha oh well..ya know i do need sleep..i have pretty bad insomnia..weed usually helps me out a lot..but all i got right now is this new shit that keeps makin my head hurt..its weird so im stopping that and waitin for a new deal..but in the mean time..ya know..blahhh sorry for the ramblin..useless posts :p
  4. a small dose would make you loose..a little more and you'll feel fucked up and noddy..a little more and your respiratory system fails

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