Murderers walk out the front door (Yesterday)

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  1. GRADY, Ark. (AP) — Arkansas authorities are searching for two convicted murderers who walked out of a prison after dressing up like corrections officers.
    Corrections department spokeswoman Dina Tyler says Jeffrey Grinder and Calvin Adams escaped Friday evening from a prison in Grady. Both men were serving life sentences without the possibility of parole.
    Tyler says the guard uniforms the inmates put on are made in the prison. She says the men put them on in the prison library and walked out of the prison during a shift change and walked right out the main lobby.
    Tyler says 32-year-old Grinder and 39-year-old Adams drove away in a maroon or burgundy colored, 4-door sedan that had been left for them.
    Grinder was convicted of murder in 2004, and Adams was convicted in 1995. Both men have family in Arkansas and out of state.

    Nobody saw that coming? :rolleyes:
  2. haha Str8 OG's even tho they killed people which is gay
    they deserve to not go out if they got out like tht
  3. for real, straight brillant
  4. You could say the same thing about bush and cheney, and soon to be Obama.
  5. lmfao what is wrong with you
  6. not saying i support murderers..but damn that was creative, more power to them.

    its like inside man..."how do you plan to get out of here? Im going to walk out the front door." :hello:

  7. lol what? you lost me bro

    haha for real, if you can walk out the front door of a maximum security prison, you're a beast.

    I wonder if they get caught
  8. I feel you
  9. Cue the circular firing squad

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