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  1. Has anyone completely blacked out their car? How much do they usually cost? Anyone have tips/advice/pictures? How much are smoked head/tail lights?

    Sorry if there is a thread already like this.
  2. sorta, but i refer to as batman'd

    are you doing it yourself? if your having a shop do it- you'd have to get things like emblems, trim painted, that shouldn't take much money. it would be better if you could find someone who does that stuff on the side.
  3. im a huge vw fan. have owned a ton of them. i always smoke my own tail lights i love the way it looks, i do it myself with a can of krylon.
    i dont like tint because it gets you in trouble with the law a lot. and if youre holding or driving with herb on you its just a general rule of thumb to not give a cop a reason to pull you over. lol sorry for the mini rant but you can find places that will tint all of your windows for about 200 where im from(new york)
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    Are you talking about actually murdering out your car
    IE: Flat black EVERYTHING like Rob Dyderk's older Tahoe


    or gloss paint, glossy wheels?


    EDIT: i just noticed that this has flatblack wheels, but you get the idea

    Truely murdering out a car is hella expensive because flat black paint is hard to get a really really good looking coat. (i've heard anywhere from 3grand to 10grand for a good one) so expect seeing that. Pulling emblems could be cheaper than having a place paint them, plus you'd be shaved which is classy.

    I personally like the whole white car flat black trim idea more.
  5. Exactly what I'm talking about. And yes I will be doing it myself if all goes well. I've been looking for a car and I've recently come accross a truck (89 chevy 1500 single cab) with flat black paint already (like the tahoe in your pic), the badges have been taken off and the emblem on the fornt is also flat blacked. I've been wanting to 'muder' out a car for a long time and thought this might be a good begining opportunity... Tint the windows a little, smoke the lights, and some nice black rims money providing further down the road.


    I don't care how ghetto it will probably end up looking lol.
  6. You can do all your lights yourself. They sell VHT Night Shade tint spray at most automotive stores.
  7. [​IMG]

    Gotta have the red rally wheels :devious:.
  8. I have a 2009 Nissan Altima, and have put alot of money into the car, All blacked out, front windows are tinted which is illegal, rims, i put my license plate on my dash cuz i dont want it messing up the look on the front, and interior led lights

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