munkeyboys needs help on uk laws

Discussion in 'General' started by munkeyboy, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. i haev started to grow at home. i dont sell and never have done. i would like to know if me growing at home (for my own stash) is any more illegal than me gowing down the local pub and putting money into other peoples pockets.
  2. Yes what you are doing is illegill and you will be hung drawn and quartered for it if they find out....hash has been decriminalised in Britain however don't get this mixed up with other words if they find some on you (not too sure as to the amount) say for a few j's up to approx 1/2 ounce they'll turn a blind eye, however if you're doing a SOG from you're cupboard they will throw the book at you....hence the secrecy of it....the fewer people who know you're doing it the better.....seeds are legal to buy and sell in Britain however to germinate them is highly illegill, and you can be charged with (now wait for it) drug traffiking not even possesion with intent to supply, you could be looking at over 5 years.....hope that helped you......p.s. you'd probably get off lightly for growing one or 2 plants but it's the risk you take to grow the beautiful plant......Peace out....Sid
  3. Laws in the uk no-one really knows about now but growing your own is worse than possesion for sure. Selling it would be the next step up.

    But neither now are particularly dangerous compared to other places like the land of the "free"

    I dunno and short of asking the government I don't think you will get a straight answer.

    wait, why would the government give a straight answer :confused:

    But to answer your question, legally you are better off giving the money to the dealers than growing it for what ever reason.

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