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munchies so fkn bad

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Crockpot, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. omg i stated w zebra cake choco milk fruit loops i need a pbj sandwhich
  2. +rep for saying fkn <3
  3. pbj is killing me
  4. i love eating spicy food when i get the munchies. so good haha
  5. I got a bunch of friends that insist that not feeding the munchies makes it easier each time to do so.

    I guess you can try that, Idk. Cold water always worked for me, or something to suck on or drink with some flavor in it. (Gatorade)

  6. This thread is over a year old,
    and you bumped it to say that?
  7. LMAO
  8. I've always been partial to Arizona Iced Tea or Arizona Arnold Palmer. Good stuff to conquer the munchies without the fattiness. Also, it's a big, big can for a buck.
  9. I lurve a big ole' cup of tang. Popsicles rock too
  10. earlier today i ate so much cinnamon toast crunch that i felt like i was going to puke.
  11. Man when I get the munchies I get a taste for sweet and salty food. i.e. oreos and cluck u hickory BBQ wings:hello:

  12. Arnold Palmer is where it's at man
  13. The only thing to cure it is to eat a fuck load of cereal.
  14. i got mad munchiez right now.... but im eating tropical starburst... so mother fuckin good

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