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Munchies intellect

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TrapMuzik, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Well I was high earlier and I thought of a pretty good question. we all know weed has a lot to do with munchies now my question is... When you have the munchies are you able to eat more or does the food just taste better? or both?:smoke:
  2. Deffinitly both.
  3. you don't realize how much your eating until you sit back from being hunched over the table or get up from the fucking couch. then you feel how big your stomach is and you're like "uuugghhhhh *sits back down, goes to sleep*"
  4. definitely just tastes better. i think. like im pretty sure one time i hate a whole cantaloupe when i was baked, yet cantalopes have no taste and i do believe that i thought it was the most delicious thing ever.
  5. Yeah I never notice how much food i ate till i look in my pantry and fridge when im sober and realize i have no food and the worst is when i went to the store the day before
  6. Weed just makes everything taste really reallly good.
    Plus you kinda zone out so sometimes you forget how much you really just ate. :smoke:
  7. This.:hello:
  8. I just ate a bunch of chicken... came short of the finish line.

    Gunna smoke and finish that shit!
  9. I had to have eaten like 7000 calories yesterday during my first experience of OG Kush. :0
  10. both both both! :D

  11. Both :]
  12. I think i speak for all of GC when i say both :D

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