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  1. Sometimes we take for granted how much multitasking we can do in one day. Like right now, I'm playing baseball mogul on my pc, pokemon yellow on my game boy, listening to music from my iphone. While doing this I have my facebook tab opened up along with reddit, and while scrolling these sites while playing my games I am also talking to my bud who's crashing with me tonight. While doing this I can hear my hamster running on its wheel while listening to the rain outside and hearing the keys striking as I type out what I'm doing. While doing this I am able to notice the vibrant colors on my pc while feeling the texture of the keys while typing this out. I can feel the small breeze coming in from the window and hear my door creaking back and forth while typing this all out.

    Isn't it amazing what we can do?
  2. Jesus man u might as well do none of those lol, theres like 20% attention and focus on each activity now haha
  3. haha but it all gets done eventually and its nice seeing all the production come together in the end!

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