Multiple problems w/ pics. Red bugs, holes, yellowing

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  1. First of all I want to start by saying I usually grow indoors with good results but this season i decided to try outdoors. Im growing a feminised AkxBubble gum and a feminised Bleu Cheese. Im using Fox Farms Ocean Forest mixed with perlite and since the start ive had problems. if u have the answer to any of these problems please just put the number of the problem next to your answer. Thanks

    1) Problem number one is the plants are growing extremely slow. I know its against belief to start seeds in FFOF but i usually do and it works great. anyway theyve been growing for a month and are not nearly where they need to be. Maybe a bad batch of soil? I dont have a soil ph meter but i have hydroponic PH solution.

    2) There are bugs that look like aphids or thrips (i will take pics of these bastards next time i see them). also happening to my tomato plants that are in an ourdoor DWC bubble bucket. i was told to spray a solution of soap water on them and a couple days later the leaves turned yellow and burned.

    3) Something is eating the hell out of my plants and i can never find them! holes everywhere as seen in pics. also happening to my tomato plants that are in an ourdoor DWC bubble bucket.

    4) just today i found little red bugs on them. i believe this is the first day they were there since i check them around 2 times a day and never seen them before. i have pics.

    the plants are rather small ( maybe 7 inches tall) and i check them daily but dont always find bugs on them. i believe the bugs may also be causing the yellowing, but i also believe the soap water had a lot to do with it. if you can help in any way thanks a lot!

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  2. Hi.

    What u have there is a tenacious species of Leafcutter Ant.
    These infestations are quite rare for weed. If left untreated,
    they will decimate your plant. They cut off pieces of juicy blade,
    take it back to the crib, put it in special fermenting rooms, and
    tend to it like a brewer does his beer. It grows a sweet mold that
    the ants love to eat as a delicacy.

    Anywayz, u need Doktor Doom (green can) spray. It is Pyrethrum,
    so its safe and totally organic. Just dont spray budsites. OK ???

    Next, how many howrs of DIRECT sunlight is the plant gettin ???
    It needs at least 10.

    The plant is quite weak looking.

    Put up some yellow pest sticky strips for the Aphids/Gnats.

    Get yourself a good supply of Neem spray for maintenance.
    It is a great repellant, and a killer for some.

    Please keep us updated.

  3. thanks.. the story behind those ants is the cops were at my neighbors house yesterday (nothing serious) and i was a lil paranoid so i put them under my porch. when i brought them back out today they had the ants on them and i killed em all with my hands so idk if they will come back since i removed them from under my porch.

    i also just took more pics of the bugs on the plants.. not sure if these pics will help cuz it was hard to take pics of em.. some of them looked like spiders (not spider mites), others looked like aphids and others look like flies.. Ill let you decide.

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  4. OK.

    I saw: 3 spiders, 1 mosquito, 1 unidentified larvae, and a common soil mite.

    The only one u should really care about is the larvae. If its there, its to eat.

    The Neem should take care of it.

  5. are you sure that was a mosquito? ive never seen a green mosquito and ive never seed a mosquito just sitting on the underside of the leaf.. and that soil mite wasnt in the soil when i found it.. i had to knock him off the plant to get a pic of him.
  6. Lol. Sorry. Thats an Aphid. Just one ???

    To be safe, put up yellow sticky pest strips
    and mist the plant with Neem. Soil too.

  7. Neem is a great ally to have for an outdoor grow.

  8. all of the garden stores are closed on sunday in my area, so no neem oil. I went to walmart and got Elementals insecticidal soap ... today is very overcast and not sunny at all. i applied it around noon. Hope it works

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