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  1. So, I have come to the conclusion that there certainly is different personalities coming into play throughout my days. I've never been so aware of mindsets until I started to smoke. Anyone else have multiple personalities going on?
  2. if you truly had multiple personalities you wouldnt be aware that you actually did. even that is questionable.
  3. Multiple personalities are often unaware of eachother or are created in therapy. It's really a hard to diagnose illness and is mainly a western and euro diagnosis. You're just feeling different states of mind and being. Study them, understand them, apply the knowledge to control you emotions and mind.
  4. I think most of us act differently around different people, but some more than others, I know I do, haha. Smoking definitely keeps me aware of what 'personality' I'm using.

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  5. False - go watch the tv show dexter.

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  6. you cant honestly expect to gain 100% factual info from a fictional tv show
  7. You're completely right, but the show is of a guy (dexter) who is a serial killer (only kills murderers) and he also works with the cops doing all of their blood work. So he has to use different personalities when he's on the job and when he's doing his killing. It's obviously not a true story, but one can see that it's a lifestyle easily possible to live. Know what I'm sayin?

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  8. "Schizophrenia like epilepsy psychosis"
    Had to have part of my brain cut out of my skull a few years back because some of the other me's who would take over when i wasn't around were not so nice...
    Spent a few years ....go to bed at home... wake up tied to bed a hospital... no idea how i got there... stories of how many people it took to get me tied down and how their drugs wouldn't slow me down.....
    So yes there are other me's in here ....
    Which one you get depends in when you ask....

    Occasionally we interact.....
    Tho more often it just takes over when i am blacked out....
  9. "We wear the mask that grins and lies
    It hides our cheek and shades our eyes
    The debt we pay to human guile
    With torn and bleeding hearts we smile
    And mouth with myriad subtleties
    We wear the mask"

    A Paul Lawrence Dunbar excerpt from a poem about exactly this subject. We all wear different masks in our day-to-day depending upon our own selves and the company surrounding us.

    The trick is to make sure you're happy with yourself no matter which mask you're wearing. A few years ago, before I moved abroad, I didn't like who any versions of myself were. It took a long road of inward reflection to figure it all out but I'll attest to it being an inimitable satisfaction when you finally do.
  10. You sure you just ain't moody?
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    I know what you are saying, but he does not have a multiple personality disorder. That is when you literally are two different people with unique ages, gender and names. 
    .. Everyone wears different faces, for example, the office vs. home.. If you have no filter at work you will get fired.
    Now the difference between everyday people and someone like dexter is he does not have one face that he is emotionally connected to. Where the average person feels themselves in their house with their family, sociopaths are never fully connected to one persona.. that is why they can switch between masks so effortlessly to manipulate people.
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    I dont think he literally means he has the illness of multiple personalities but the fact that just based on our settings and the people we're around we act differently. 
    I'd say its true. We all act a certain way around certain people. 
    Edit: ^^ Like he said we "wear" different faces. 

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