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Multiple dream interpretation help

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by blaazed, Dec 19, 2010.

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    most of the time when i wake up my dreams immediately slip away, but these 2 dreams i had last night were something i cant seem to forget. if anyone has any idea what the dreams mean i would greatly appreciate it. ill try to keep it short.

    1st dream-
    im in my room and there are strangers in my house, i hear them and see them but cannot make out their faces. outside is a big boom and a flash and the earth shakes. i feel the shakes. the strangers and myself are fully aware and accept the world is about to end and im expecting the earth to go up in flames and not feel a thing when i pass. but the earth does not get destroyed. instead, strange robotic beings with gatling guns as arms come into my house picking off people one by one. and i dont feel bad bc i dont know them....so i just try to hide under bodies and act like im dead. but the robotic being pulls me from under a body and shoots continuously at my forehead...with the gatling gun. im helpless at this point and the most interesting part is that i felt what death was like(or have somewhat of an understanding). i felt the slow decent from intense fear to a calming acceptance. i saw what i had seen last, just a side of a wall in my home and bodies and destruction. but then i twitched a bit and the robot came back and sprayed another round directly into my forehead and then i almost became paralyzed....couldnt move or think....just gazing at the side of the wall. the robot comes back and sprays another round in my forehead one last time. at this point i realize i am dead. every time it came back i fell deeper into a paralyzed state. i have trouble seeing if this is a dream or reality and if i will ever see my loved ones again.

    then i woke up.

    then i fell asleep again.

    2nd dream-
    im in my room again. same thing, strangers in my home, cant see their face so i cant make out who they are. they dont sound like anyone i know or act like anyone i know, it almost seems like they are "fillers" in my dream. i go outside and see we're having a party and start conversating with some people. now i can see some girls face and a few others but i dont know who they are. then people tell me to hurry get inside theres a shooting going on outside. i rush inside and hear the gunman shooting people in my house. people are screaming and dying all around me. im at the top floor already and try to hide by rushing to my bed and push my box spring forward and get under my mattress to make it look like no one is there in my room and it works. but the gunman enters my room and starts to pile up the bodies on my bed right above me. then i remember him crying, saying something along the lines of "why did you have to make me do this, we couldve been happy" some psycho bs that a psycho would say to his ex gf. then i hear one last gunshot and realize he had killed himself and he too is a part of the body pile bc there is silence. this dream i survive, but barely. i remember being terrified that he might find me. that feeling went on for what seemed like hours.

    it felt the same helplessness in both of my dreams.
    can anyone interpret any one of these dreams? i felt so helpless and cant shake that feeling.....it was so intense and felt so real i would really appreciate some insight on the matter. thanks.

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