Multi-strain myco test grow.

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  1. Hello to all.
    Here is the first entry into the grow log for this crop. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    Lets see... where to start...been growing since way back when, mostly outdoors, but nearly every year I run a single indoor crop during winter. This winter I decided to go a bit bigger than usual, and then it got a bit bigger again, so now I've ended up with 25 starts of 14 varieties.
    They are as follows:

    Dinafem, White Widow, Auto Fem
    WOS,\tAfghan Kush Rider, Auto Fem
    TH Seed, Critical Hog, Fem
    SG Seed, White Russian, Auto Fem
    WOS, NL + BB, Auto Fem
    G13 Labs, Gigabud, Fem
    BB Seeds, Critical Mass, Auto Fem
    CC Seeds, Boss Hog, Reg X2
    Ch. 9 Seeds, Vintage 06, Fem X2
    Positronic Seeds, Cum Laude,\tFem
    G13 Labs, Mountain Kush, Fem
    Ch. 9 Seeds, POW 33, Fem
    Positronic Seeds, Critical 47, Fem
    Plus 9 Bag Seed

    25 Plants all said and told.

    Lights are Pro-grow 260w switchable Led, 50w full spectrum plasma, 1Kw HPS, misc. supplemental 250w and 400w hps/mh, and a few cfl's in the plants.

    Soil is FFOF amended with EWC, peruvian and indonesian guano, Dr earth 8, and fine perlite.
    I add live worms and myco additives to each pot at first transplant.

    Classical music or birdsong is played for about 1.5 hours every morning, as the main lighting is coming on.
    Low Hz supplementation is performed with 3Hz-50Hz sweep daily.

    CO2 supplementation is performed by yeast reaction. Raises ppm levels to roughly 800. With exhalation during time spent in growroom, ppm levels rise to roughly 1400 for 2 hours every morning, and for another 1 hour in the evening.

    Transplants are from 4" starter/seedling pots-1 gal veg pot- 3 gal big veg if necessary- 7 gal final.

    This grow is specifically to run a side-by-side comparison of "MYKOS" from Xtreme Gardening and "MYCOGROW" from Fungi Perfecti. Each cost less than $10.
    6 plants will be inoculated with Mycogrow, 6 with Mykos, 6 will receive inoculations of both, and 6 plants will be left alone as control.

    Initial impressions: Fungi Perfecti - Excellent customer service, most renowned mycologist in North America, 3 day shipping arrival, stunningly high spore count, overall extremely pleased with Fungi Perfecti.

    Xtreme Gardening - Inexcusable and Abysmal customer service, delayed shipping, uninformed managment thought "my order had shipped", no call back from John Anderson who is supposed to be the sales manager, single glomus strain, very low spore count. Unless my plants magically become trees, I will never have any dealings with this company again. DO NOT PATRONIZE XTREME GARDENING.

    The girls are at day 14 and day 7. Half on each.
    Transplant is done when they need it, not on a particular day, but at the current rate of growth I expect to move them up in the next week.
    Myco additives will be incorporated then.

    Log will include weekly updates with pics. Root density measurements will be performed at transplants. General health and vigor, foliage growth rate, and overall size/density will be noted on each group at each update. And of course, wet and dry weight will be recorded.

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  2. Here we go boys and girls, half of the transplants are done. Four were inoculated with Mykos, four with Mycogrow and three recieved both. The rest of the transplants will be done in the next couple days and will be following suit.

    Just to be a dick, I'm intentionally keeping everyone (the three people reading this) in suspense about which plants got what.

    Thus far everyone is growing ridiculously dense and healthy. Cum Laude has been the front runner by far for the entire time, she is putting on her sixth node right now and stands less than 8in high. First of the Autos is Critical Mass, she sent out her first hairs today (27th day).

    Made a random acquisition of a pair of Vanilla Kush (Barney's Farm) about a week into flower. They look pretty stringy and have definitely been lacking in light as well as viciously/amateur trimmed, but they seem to be rebounding nicely in the past two days after being spiked with earthworm castings, along with a mix of Mykos and Mycogrow. Lighting schedule for these girls includes supplemental blue light during dark cycle; 13 hour day cycle, 6 hours blue, 5 hours dark.
    Decided to try blue light supplementation after reading a post by Swami on Grasscity and spending a some time researching on this. Seems to be a god(me)damned good idea to me... provides on going photosynthesis and seems like it would make for a healthier happier plant. Suppose I will find out.

    Routine is as follows full spectrum light (LED & Plasma) comes on at 7am and then they get at least an hour of whatever classical I happen to be listening to, usually in the E or F Minor as well as simultaneous sound supplementation of the 4000-5300Mhz range (birdsong range). Light foliar feedings every 3rd day of ACT (EWC, Kelp, Dr. Earth 8 ).

    A few pictures of the girls...

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  3. ummmm..... This is no longer in anyway shape or form just a Myco grow anymore. I've come across too many interesting things (Lakovshky coils, electroculture, water programming, magneculture, etc) to be able to grow all of these with just one simple experiment. I might have mentioned some where that I am a completely full blown mad scientist. So we've ended up with a half dozen tests going on at one time and cross testing across the board. Probably not the most scientific way of doing it (definitely not) but I'm a big fan of growing from seed, would much prefer a broad spectrum testing to the normal side by side that people get with their clones. More than that, I think cloning is for wankers. Grow the damn plant. Performing a test with clones may give you a direct comparison but limits you to the specific genotype of one substrain. I would much prefer to run broad spectrum and know if a technique will work for more than just one strain. While you don't have the benefit of being able to look at side by side pictures, you get a more complete understanding of how your experimentation effects marijuana rather than just one clone strain.

    Everyone's been transplanted to their temporary 1 gallon homes and are doing fucking spectacular. As odd as it may be, I am hoping for a lot of males from the bag seed so that I can thin out the group. The two new Vanilla Kush have nearly tripled their bud sites and have begun to develop some actual density after their spiking with Mykos, MycoGrow, and earthworm castings.
    As to the Autos flower development began on day 27 for Critical Mass (as I mentioned in my last post), 29 for White Russian and White Widow, and 30 for Afghan Kush Rider. The NLxBB is still slacking it's ass along, looking good and dense but thus far no flower.

    Now on to interesting things: Lakovshky coils... if you haven't heard of it, brush up before you ask me stupid questions. If you are one of those who dismiss innovation and new ideas out of hand, then go fuck a goat (make sure the goat's ok with it) and die and stop reading this. If you are not one of those types of people, feel free to ask any questions.
    After extensive research and a lot of aggravation from morons who fill forums with their nay-saying I'm pretty sure that these seem to be truly innovative thingymajiggers. Basically a Lakovshky coil puts a very specific hz frequency at about 430mv which has been shown to provide massive increases to disease resistance and greatly improve the overall health and growth rate of the plants. So I figured why not give them a try, about 8 of the girls at random have been given a coil, nothing else will change in their daily routine.

    Electroculture: there is an enormous amount of information on electroculture all over the web, sadly the majority of it is uneducated idiots. If you're willing to filter through you can actually find some very relevant information once you get past the people talking about.... actually I'm not even going to go there. I am a believer in innovation and in bringing back old innovations (since this is an early 1900s technology), so I decided to have a go at it. Not willing to electrify everyone but I am willing to throw three or four into the thresher. To that effect three of the girls have been selected to be fried daily. One with 1.5v, one at 4.5v and one all out at 12v. Not a scientific test by any means, with no real control, but it allows me to direct observation of the plants growth rates and vigor. They will receive daily electrifying for roughly a minute a piece. If anything particularly interesting happens to any of them I will document and post on here.

    Plants are still receiving, and will continue to receive, moderate volume (roughly 70db) classical music (particularly Brahms and Bach) with intermittent bird harmonics for about 2 hours a day. CO2 supplementation still performed with yeast reactions, maintains levels of at roughly 600ppm which just disproves everyone saying that yeast reaction does not provide adequate levels of CO2 (buy a tank and blow yourself up if you want, my CO2 costs $.80).

    At current rate of growth, everyone will be transplanted to their 5 or 7 gallon container around Feb. 1st, flowering cycle will be initiated one week later.

    On a related note, does anyone have any experience with Cum Laude? Is this normally an insanely fast growing strain? Or have I just gotten lucky and received a killer girl? Since day one she has stood far ahead of everyone in size, density, vigor, node space, leaf count etc. I'd like to know if this is in fact a godly plant.

    Well ladies and gentleman, that's about the extent that I can spout at the moment, and the extent of what my woman can type. If anyone has any questions feel free.

    Happy Growing. :metal:

    (Pictures are as follows: 1) Day after transplant 5 days ago 2) Artsy fartsy shot 3) Taken minutes ago 4&5) Cum Laude towering above the rest)

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  4. looking femnominal man! welcome to the city and Keep posted!
  5. Thanks for the welcome mat hope2toke...I'll keep updating as I remember to.
  6. hey godemperor can you post a link on the Lakovshky coils and plants
    oh yea baddass dude
  7. GreatCharlzz, I'm doing the update tonight and I'll add some links to interesting stuff to get you started.

    How are the chickens smokin these days?
  8. OK, update took longer than I thought it would, but here we go.

    The girls are doing so well that I had to take over the bedroom. We were intending to give them the room in another two weeks or so, but their rate of growth made it impractical to wait. And so, my dear woman acquiesced the bedroom and now two dozen plants are happily stretching out their leaves.

    For anyone interested in Lakhovsky's work, electroculture or other interesting stuff here are a couple links to get you started:
    Electro-Culture: Stimulation of plant growth with electricity, magnetism, sound, &c
    Robert A.Nelson: Hemp Husbandry ~ Electro-Culture (Ch 5)

    Main room is 2m by 1.6m by 1.6m.* Main light is 1000w Eye-Hortilux HPS (which will be firing up tomorrow when I get it's power cord, another story all together ) , mother light is a 260w ProGrow SS LED, supplemental veg is a 235w 4 blub T5 with 12w LED, 50w plasma and 3 small CFLs. I'm not at all used to using CFLs and have put them too close to the leaves a couple of times resulting in some burnt spots. Hence they will be heading out tomorrow when the 1000w fires up. CO2 supplementation is still performed by yeast reaction and will soon have the addition of acid reaction.

    On to interesting things, I transplanted two of the Autos: the White Widow and the Critical Mass and gave the CM a full LST. She took to it well and has been swelling nicely. Both of the Vanilla Kush were given extreme LST tie down. One of the potential mothers the Mountain Kush was transplanted up to her 7gal and given a higher nitrogen soil mix. The other three potential mothers and the rest of the girls will be transplanted up as soon as I get to the store. All of the bag seed will be flipped to show sex in the next couple of days and then all of the girls transplanted into 3gals. Our possible male(s), the Critical Hogs are doing good and great respectively, only one is a male option at the moment as the other doesn't look excellent enough to perpetuate. I'll almost certainly be using DIY CS on a couple of our potential mother's prime sites to get a few pollen strains to cross breed our mothers.

    Four bag seed are connected on a continuous line and are receiving about roughly 2-3 hrs a day of 12v. They are the four LST to the right in a couple of pictures (you can see the big ass copper wire running through all of them). The Mountain Kush will be receiving twice daily 12v. Thus far the four bag seeds are doing really well and have shown a definite rush in new growth. I added three large Lakhovsky Coil to the transplants and I'm experimenting with attaching the coil to the plant itself and to the root system. We shall see.

    Everyone is still receiving classical music an hour and a half in the morning and an hour in the evening and imitation bird noises at each feeding. Along with rainwater foliar toward the end of every sound period. As well as light foliar feeding (earthworm castings, Dr. Earth and Kelp Meal) about every third or fourth watering and a heavy foliar every 17th or so... obviously these things happen when I remember and not on a schedule.

    As each of the potential mothers are transplanted up their soil will be amended to higher nitrogen and higher EWC content. Veg times for mothers will be extended by a couple weeks to accommodate this.

    Here are a couple random measurements, more will be forthcoming as we rearrange for the 1000w. All are at day 30 except for MK which is at day 23. Root pictures and comparison pics will be most of the next update after we make the visit to the farm store.

    Afghan Kush Rider: 30cm* (Auto)
    Crirical Mass: 66cm (Auto)
    GigaBud: 27cm developing node 9
    Mountain Kush: 32cm deveoping node 6

    The pictures: 1) crammed into the seedling room before the bedroom takeover 2) Massive root ball on the CM three days ago 3) CM before tie down 4) LST on Vanilla Kushes at end of flowering week 2 5) AKR after LST (sorry no before pic) 6) CM after tie down 7) Potential Mother Gigabud showing off her node spacing Veg bank to left, possible mothers in center, LST bag seeds on right 9) Vanilla Kush (just now) starting to recover from LST

    We invite comments from everybody on the size, foliage, grow room setup etc.

    *All measurements are approximated and in metric

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  9. hey godemperor, any noticeable differences between the Mycogrow and Mykos yet?
  10. Actually there is but you'll be able to judge for yourself on the next update which will be as soon as I get my ass to the store to get some FFOF, should be in the next couple days. At transplants I'll take root ball pictures and give a 1-10 on overall health and vigor. There will be a shit ton of pictures in that update, just to warn you.

    But yes, the difference is noticeable and even surprised me a bit.
  11. lookin good man
  12. Which one is the better product?

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