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Multi Strain Extravaganza Grow!

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by skinnyk, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Dude!!!!!!!! I can't believe I missed that you had Hawaiian Snow going in there; so stoked for you man. Once I get this whole growing thing figured out, my mission is gonna be to find a righteous sativa. Not sativa like, sativa dom, but sativa sativa. So jealous :).
  2. Thanks bud, I can't wait to smoke the Hawaiian Snow either!
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    Day 30

    Watered with:
    Tap water sitting for 24hrs
    PH Balanced to 6.5
    Advanced Nutrients(AN) Sensi Bloom @ 0.5ml/L
    AN Voodoo Juice @ 0.5ml/L
    AN Piranha/Tarantula @ 0.1g/L
    AN Bud Candy @ 0.5ml/L

    Ok so it's "technically" day 30 but it is 12:46am. A rather unexpected watering was needed. I am planning to throw the girls into flowering tomorrow and I was checking how moist the soil was. It was way too dry for them to go 32 hours without a watering.

    So I ended up watering them with a very mild solution of bloom nutrients from AN. The PPM measured 200ppm so there should not be any burning... (crossing my fingers). They seem like very light feeders so far.

    Also check out the picture of underneath the plant canopy. That plant is Strawberry Haze and if you noticed it has no nodes underneath the canopy! All of it's nodes are nearly level with the main cola! :eek: I'm not sure how common that is but in my small growing experience it seems amazing to me. The big leaf top down shot is the Strawberry Haze canopy.

    The sativa-ish looking top down picture is the Tangerine Dream, I thought it looked interesting to share. :smoke:


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  4. Wow very nice I'm now a follower
  5. Welcome :hello:
  6. The clones that I took are looking mighty fine. :smoke:

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  7. Why yes they are
  8. :D

    I'm wrecked off the Cheese I harvested earlier this month. Such a fruity pungent smell when you break open the bud. The aroma from using a grinder is very berry.

    Light-Medium doses you are fully functional. It's a very nice head high. In High doses it has very psychoactive properties to the high and it's a great trip. :smoking:
  9. Day 34 - Day 4 Flowering
    Watered with:
    Tap water sitting for 24 hours
    PH Balanced to 6.3

    Today the ladies had a good flush. I watered them with about 2x as much water as I usually do to give the soil a good soaking and remove salt/nutrients. They are looking fantastic. The Hawaiian Snow has stretched so much and the rest are getting so big! :yay:

    I measured the PH of the runoff and it varied from 6.3 to 6.5 depending on the plant, which is totally awesome. The clones are doing good, no roots yet but they are alive and fine.

    Enjoy the pics. :smoking:

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  10. Day 41 - Day 11 Flowering
    Watered on Day 40 with:
    Tap water sitting for 24 hours
    PH Balanced to 6.5
    AN Sensi Bloom A+B @ 2ml/L
    AN Voodoo Juice @ 2ml/L
    AN Bud Candy @ 2ml/L
    AN Big Bud @ 2ml/L
    AN Piranha/Tarantula @ 0.2g/L

    So the plants are looking really good at the moment but we had some issues with my grow and I'll go over them.

    The first issue was that the White Widow was showing signs of damage. I assumed it was nutrient burn even though I did an extremely light feeding the last watering, at only 200ppm. So after doing some research I concluded there were multiple factors that cause the damage.

    1. Temperature
    2. Humidity
    3. Nutrient Deficiency

    The temps were getting really low in the tent at night below 70F. I was able to get the temps up by closing doors and keeping the warm air in at night. It's still not warm enough but I think it will do.

    Also the humidity was really high, I brought a dehumidifier in to take care of that.

    Lastly, the damage to the plant seemed to be a nutrient deficiency. So I fed them a stronger nutrient solution at 0.6EC (600ppm Truncheon).

    Other than that the Strawberry Haze is growing wild and they all look healthy and seem... to be recovering. The Hawaiian Snow has exploded in height too! Enjoy the pics. :smoking:

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  11. Just wanted to show some new pics :cool:

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  12. Day 51 - Day 21 Flowering
    Watered with:
    Tap water sitting for 24 hours.
    PH Balanced to 6.5
    AN Sensi Bloom A+B @ 1ml/L
    AN B-52 @ 1ml/L
    AN Big Bud @ 1ml/L
    AN Bud Candy @ 1ml/L

    The plants look amazing. The Hawaiian Snow is now the tallest plant of the bunch! :eek: When I put these girls into flower the HS was only 10 inches! She's quadrupled is height :hippie:

    The plant on the very bottom right is the Hawaiian Snow on the eve of the flowering cycle. Can you believe that! :hello:

    You can now see how distinct each strain really is. The flowering times are very apparent. For example the Critical+ looks very filled and is working very hard on its bud production, while others are continuing to stretch but are finally slowing down.

    It has been a while since I posted because I don't receive a lot of feedback, don't be afraid to comment. :wave: The rest of the pics are uploaded as attachments for you to enjoy.

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  13. MOAR :devious:

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  14. :rolleyes:

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  15. Beautiful man!
  16. Some sweet sweet dank. Unknown strain, has a pungent floral sweet smell.

    Clean smoke....sticky & tasty.

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  17. Thanks man! What are you thinking of growing next?
  18. Here's some pictures of the strawberry haze. Look how thick those hairs are, they look so interesting :smoke:

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  19. Day 57 - Day 27 Flower


  20. In case you're wondering, the Tangerine Dream does in fact smell like sweet, citrus and orange. :eek:


    The Hawaiian Snow grew to that god damn size from 8"! Those are nute deficiency spots. All good now.

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