Multi Strain Extravaganza Grow!

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  1. Hey all,
    I am currently finishing up my first serious grow. Soil grow, growing GHS Cheese with Gen Hydro nutes. So while that grow comes to a close it's time for a new one [​IMG]

    My Setup
    • Secret Jardin DR120 II Grow Tent
    • 600w MH / 600w HPS Bulbs
    • Lumatek Switchable Ballast
    • Air Cooled Reflector w/ Glass Cage
    • Carbon Filter
    • 6" Inline Fan
    • Premier Pro-Mix Soil w/ Added Worm Castings

    For this grow I am switching from General Hydroponics FloraMicro/Gro/Bloom series to an Advanced Nutrients lineup. I personally did not feel satisfied with GH nutes but I did not use anything besides those three products, so I am changing it up a little.

    My Nutrients
    • Sensi Grow A+B
    • Sensi Bloom A+B
    • B-52
    • Voodoo Juice
    • Big Bud
    • Bud Candy
    • Piranha
    • Tarantula
    • Overdrive

    Next up... the seeds! [​IMG]
    • Tangerine Dream (F)
    • Strawberry Haze (F)
    • Hawaiin Snow (F)
    • Jack Herer (F)
    • White Widow (F)
    • Critical + (F)
    • California Hash (F)

    I plan on growing my babies using a 600w MH bulb until they are 15" high then throw them into flowering using a 600w HPS.

    Advice, criticism and encouragement wanted please! [​IMG]

    Note: You can see my hydro setup here that was going to use ( However... I sold my ebb & flow in favour of soil as I don't exactly have a lot of free time these days. The rest of the gear has stayed the same.
  2. :hello: Planted all my seeds except White Widow and Hawaiin Snow!

    Watered with:
    Tap water sitting for 24 hours.
    PH Balanced to 6.5

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  3. On board again man! Glad I caught the new link in ur sig or I might've missed it...
  4. Thanks buddy!

    Day 3
    Watered with:
    Tap water sitting for 24 hrs
    PH balanced to 6.3

    Critical+, Strawberry Haze and Cali Hash all broke ground today! My White Widow seed popped open and that was planted today. Only waiting on the Hawaiian Snow to pop open!

    If anyone is interested I chose Premier Pro-Mix, Potting and Seeding Mix for my soil. It is an excellent soil that consists of Canadian sphagnum peat moss, coarse perlite, vermiculite, macro and micronutrients, limestone (for PH adjustment) and wetting agent. I added 1 cup of worm castings per 2.5 gallons of soil as I wanted healthy seedlings without worrying about feeding. I would recommend this soil to any Canadians as it can be a pain to get Fox Farm here.

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  5. Day 6
    Watering tomorrow.

    The white widow popped out of the ground and even caught up with the rest of the seedlings. Hawaiian Snow still hasn't popped from the seed... anyone have any tips on how I can give it a little more encouragement or is it just a dud? I think I am going to plant it in the soil and see if anything happens.

    Other than that not much going on. I think the worm castings are helping make the seedlings nice and happy, they look very green. :smoking:

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  6. Im subbed.

  7. Thanks man! :hello:

    Day 8
    Watered on Day 7:
    Tap water sitting for 24 hours
    PH balanced to 6.3

    Not much to report. A little funky leaf growth on a couple, my fan currently is busted but I think improved air flow will help. It's a bit on the hotter side inside the tent, getting that setup tomorrow. Other than that perfect, strong, fast, green growth coming.

    Bought 1/2 oz of Grapefruit tonight :smoking::bongin:

    Edit: That Hawaiian Snow seed didn't pop so... I just planted it, gunna cross my fingers.

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  8. sexy as always <3
  9. Day 10
    Watered on Day 7 with:
    Tap water sitting for 24 hours.
    PH Balanced to 6.3

    This soil mix is amazing. Seriously, it holds water forever I love it.

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  10. What kind of soil are you using
  11. Nevermind just read it
  12. Small update:

    The Hawaiian Snow bean I planted just hoping something would happen... popped out of the ground! So that's a 100% germination rate so far from Attitude Seeds. I've received 14 seeds from them and so far all 14 have popped.

    I just want to say I mention the brands of the products I use because I want people to find useful information through Google or forum searching when they are considering a purchase.

    Anyways, peace my friends!
  13. Day 12
    Watered with:
    Tap water sitting for 24hrs
    PH Balanced to 6.3

    Looking sexy :hello:

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  15. Sexy little ladies (hopefully). I like how you take the pics in the same spot. Really can see how much they grow

    Keep it up!
  16. Thanks man!

    Day 22
    Watered on the 21st day with:
    Tap water sitting for 24hrs
    PH Balanced to 6.4
    Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A/B @ 0.5ml/L

    I meant to actually use plain water this watering but I forgot I had used nutes the previous week (oops) and used them again. I don't think it's going to make any difference since it's a very mild solution. However I will be feeding: nute, water, nute, water.

    Also don't mind the leaves that are cut in half, I fim'd the fim -.- Oh well I'm a noobie. :smoke:

    They are getting so biiiiiig!:smoking:

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    Day 26
    Watered with:
    Tap water sitting for 24hrs
    PH Balanced to 6.5

    Uploaded some more pics for you all to see. Only a couple inches of room left before I flip them into flowering. :bongin:

    For the Picture with Letters
    A = California Hash
    B = Critical +
    C = Tangerine Dream
    D = Strawberry Haze
    E = Jack Herer
    F = Hawaiian Snow
    G = White Widow

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  18. Looks pretty flawless dude. I dig ur ID scheme there with the letters; great idea!
  19. Thanks buddy!
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    Day 29

    Today I took two clones from each plant. I am using General Hydroponics Rapid Rooter rooting cubes along with a basic rooting gel. I marked and placed the clones under some T5 lights inside of a humidity dome.

    Added some pictures of the plants as well. As you can see the Hawaiian Snow is dragging behind since it popped so late but it's finally big enough to flower, although not where I wanted it to be!

    Anyways, all the girls are going into a 24 hour period of darkness tomorrow to kick-start their flowering process. :smoke:

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