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  1. Hey there getting ready for a new grow switching to hydro from soil Im going to run 2 systems in idential rooms with 40/50 2 gallon buckets with hydroton with a 55 gallon Rez. and a 10 gallon controller bucket in a 10x10 room with 3 1000 watt hps lights. The Rez will be out of the grow room. Im going to run the flood cycles every 4 hours for 15 min. For temp control I will be using a 2 ton central a/c ducted into the two rooms Im going to be using the dutchmaster gold nutes. And vegging for 4 weeks the strain is nirvana venus fly trap I have grown in soil before and have harvested 2oz per plant using the same rooms before will I be able to at least double that with hydro I was told I could. Im new with Hydro so all help is incouraged my major questions are will the Res. be big enough to last at least 7 days and are the flood times good but all other opinnions will be great thank guys
  2. danm I must have some thread diease now one wants to help huh
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    1. I think you should be able to increase your yield per plant, dbl? I'm not familiar with the strain your using so hard to say. If you were utilizing Co2 i would say you would have a shot. I'm starting a multi flow set up myself for the first time as well. 2-48 buckets systems, 4800w per with Co2. Good luck bro, looking forward to your updates!

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