Muffins of Mass Destruction

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Prometheus, May 22, 2006.

  1. "tainted muffins" LMAO

    stupid stupid shit.

    weapons of mass destruction? ugh...
  2. ahahaha.
    they weren't sick, the teachers were groovin to tunes in the teachers lounge.
    they should be so lucky to have such a service brought to them.
  3. jesus christ the propaganda...they made it out to seem like that guy was trying to poison them
  4. i could go for one of those muffins:smoking:
  5. too fucking funny... i once dropped acid in a sausage machine.. i worked in a meat factory..i later found out the sausages were going to a prison... i hope thay liked them :hello: any muffin deliveries to my back door please... nice find Prometheus
  6. damn, you know we've all wanted to do it... get our teachers high and tricking everyone... but if that kid gets caught he is FUCKED... must of wasted hella bud too... 19 ppl got high lol
  7. yea rite they were "sick" from the muffins
    why cant they stop being pussies and admit they were blazed
  8. dangerous levels of THC :confused: since when has there bin dangerous levels of THC you just get high quicker :D i want someeeee :smoking:
  9. find nothin but faith in muffins...
  10. Everybody run from the Marijuana Muffins of Mass Destcrution! I'll eat them and save us all :D.



    those lucky, lucky, people.

    i love how the lady said "the actual plant was not found in the muffins"

    people in texas are so fuckin stupid.
  12. I want to laugh and scream out in anger and frustration at this, how exactly did they get sick? bennedryl?
  13. wish i was all 18 of those teachers. i wanna get high, so high
  14. NEXT UP: Amsterdam creates brownies of mass destruction, Bush declares WAR on the Netherlands!
  15. Haha, what fucktards.
  16. That's the funniest shit i ever heard dude.. i know some cats in the clink that would love to have some tainted sausage.;)
  17. Has anyone noticed how the lady news reporter looks the spitting image of comedien Tracey Ulman??

    If those were weapons of mass destruction then why haven't Bush and Blair found them in Afghanistan?

    All hail the Muffin Man. I heard Saddam is quite found of them in his Jail Cell!!:hello:
  18. i cant belive they dont know how you extract the thc its sooo easy its called pot butter
    freaken idots the goverment dosent know anything

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