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  1. i know a lot of people give this band shit, for supposedly ripping off slipknot, which they didn't... their new album fucking rules.. the end of all things to come is a bad as fuck album, and i think its a must own for anyone whos a fan of genuinely god music...

    sorry for all the mis-spellings,im pretty wasted...
    but this album rules to smoke to...

    but still doesn't beat pantera
  2. Yeah!!!

    I made a thread about MUDVAYNE but it's disappeared.....

    They're my second fave band. I don't have their new album yet, but I have LD 50.

    What's your fave MUDVAYNE song? Mine is either Severed or Death Blooms.
  3. mudvayne kicks ass, my fav song is Digg.

    My friend made an LD 50 pill bottel waterbong, its the shit.
  4. my fave off of ld 50 is internal primates forever, that song is just a phat jump song, or nothing to gein, its sick...
    the new album is crazy as FUCK!!!

    seriously look for a song called either "not falling" which is their single, or "silenced" off the new album, or just buy it, its an incredible album
  5. cool shit!
  6. I'm gettin' their album for christmas....

    I would've gotten it sooner, but I don't get paid for my new job till just after Christmas, so my mum says she'll get it for me :D

    I've heard Not Falling. It's been on Kerrang! TV and MTV2 in England soooo much!
  7. mudvayne rocks hard... im guessing my favorite song off LD 50 would be under my skin... on the new album i love not falling and a world so cold.... infact a couple of days ago i broke a string on my bass playin dig.... their bassist kicks ass he's a slap maniac its crazy....
  8. I didn't like Mudvayne's older music.
    I'm not sure if they've changed or I have because I like
    the song Not Fallling from the new CD.
    My two sons are hardcore fans. They're 22 and 18.
    In fact, my oldest called just a while ago to tell me not
    to buy it for the other one because he did for Christmas.

    whisper aka mithril
  9. i saw em a couple weeks ago! it was fucking sweet!... that dude sure likes to use foul language alot.. more into older metal and progressive stuff, but i do like mudvayne alot.

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