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  1. I fucking love this band!!

    They're geniuses!! Everyone says that they're a crappy version of Slipknot... but Slipknot are shite, so those people can die.

    Anyone here like Mudvayne?!?!
  2. HELL YEAH!!!! i love both mudvayne and slipknot... totally rock out music... though it depends on the mood your in with your high, cause it can throw you into a nasty angry high, which can be fun...
  3. You heard the new album???

    I love Severed on LD 50. Their best song IMO.
  4. Mudvayne has got to be the most talented mainstream metal band out right now, they just seem to out-do themselves with every album. "Kill I Oughta" was a decent indie release, "LD 50" just blew me away when I heard it, and I can't stop listening to "The End of All Things To Come"! I can't wait to see them on the 16th in Anaheim, Ca. with Taproot and Depswa, that show is going to be amazing! Also, the whole comparision between Mudvayne and Slipknot is totally irreverant, the only bases is the visual aspect, and that is a sad way to compare them. Slipknot is a brutal metal band, as opposed to Mudvayne being more melodic and technical metal. Either way, they're both killer bands.

    I love Severed also, the second verse just makes me want to start thrashing around like a maniac.

    "(Run Away) get away from me
    (Talking Back) if I can get my grip I'll pull you down
    (Don't Ask For Help) into the hell I call my head
    (But Hear Me Out) you'll never get away
    (Get Off The Cross) I sit down in my ugly place
    (And Save Yourself) and build walls out of fragments from my (Darkened Soul) past of all the people that I needed
    (Belongs To Me) and loved that walked away,

    You've got to just trust me to walk around through then I'll turn and walk away"

    The backup vocals are just awesome.

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