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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Jada, Mar 19, 2002.

  1. Don't you just love it when things are going your way. This weekend I was dry as a bone. I mean i was sad, and then i get a call from a girl i used to be best friends with. She says lets party, i say ALRIGHT. So we go to her house and there are like 15 poeple there just blazing. I saw the most beautiful 3 footer of my life. I almost couln't handle it. i was coughing and coughing. But it was cool. then, like an hour later we went outside cause some guy friend of hers made a mud wrestling pit out back. Soooooo... i thought what the hell. Problem was i was so blazed I couldn't stop laughing and my friend was beating my ass. We videotaped it and made our own rendition of girls gone wild, except no flashing, just blazing and ass kicking. It was hysterical!!! The night was definetly one I'll NEVER forget.
  2. I want a copy of the tape. Mud wrestling country style is the way i like it!!!!!!
  3. hmm....jada.....covered in mud.....on tape.....sounds like a must see
  4. First the strip bar, then Mud wrestling. Good god what is next!!! I going to have to agree that sharing the priveledged tape is a must. =)

  5. I don't know- I guess things have been kinda crazy lately. I've been on this rampage that I want to do everythin While I still have the chance. So i guess as long as I stay true to myself and all that jazz, why the heck not. And the tape isn't dirty. Its actually kinda
  6. mail me the tape, ill convert it to avi (standard video format) and send it to anyone that u say its ok to give to.
  7. LOL DaWodin =)

    what a team player
  8. Jada you bad girl! I'm surprised nobody else has asked:

    Well, did ya kick some ass?
  9. its good to har from ya ganjaphish!ya dissapeared for a while. And at first i was laughing soooo hard that i was getting worked. i mean it sucked!!! But I regained my composure and i think it came out pretty even. I'm not very big, but i tried damnit!!!lol
  10. you go girl!
    yeah it's been a crazy week i know i don't get to the puter much on weeks like this :)

    i woulda loved to see you hold your own in the mud wrestling, as for myself i probably woulda gotten my ass whupped, but it woulda been fun anyhow :)
  11. kinda delayed but a lil while ago Jada sent me a pic and seeing how she is so very bomb....this video is going to be a must have :)
  12. DaWodin, Just lettin' ya know I'm camped out in line for a ticket to, let me know what ya need to send me a copy!! :hello: :smoking:
  13. sorry boys-no movie 4 ya!!! I was getting my ass kicked-its kinda embarrassing. But i couldnt stop laughing. Oh well.
  14. i think i speak for everyone when i say [​IMG]

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