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Mucinex D?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by niceguy778, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. So I don't smoke that much, basically on the weekends and couple times throughout the week on occasion. I did smoke everyday, twice a day sometimes during the summer though and I've developed a bad cough. I still love the herb so 0 chance I'm stopping, but I was wondering what to do? Should I pop some Mucinex D before I smoke? Or after?

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. :)
  2. Mucinex DM I meant to say.. the one for chest congestion and loosens the mucus.
  3. Just a question, do you smoke cigarettes too, and/or mix tobacco with your weed? I used to smoke a few cigs a week, not much, but after a while I developed a typical smoker's cough from it. I switched to smoking weed, more often too, and I no longer have a cough, and my chest feels better than it did *before* I ever smoked.

    I generally avoid taking any pharmaceuticals, as herb is usually a much better treatment for any ailments. However, I noticed that the medicine you mentioned is pretty much DXM, so why not make the most of it's psychoactive uses?

    In terms of your cough, I usually find if I cough after smoking, it's because my lungs are already clogged up and Cannabis is helping to clear them out. Let yourself cough, and in fact, cough more than you need to, as that'll help clear your lungs out and open your airways naturally.

    Hope this helps :)

    (Edit: By the way. You can click the edit button under your posts to save having to make a new post if no-one has replied and you want to change the original message.)

  4. Thanks alot bro.. and no I've never smoked a cigarette in my life. And it's not like a cough that smoking cures. It's been a cough for about at least a good month. Sometimes I'm afraid to smoke due to my coughing, it's such a buzzkill and i just want something that'll cure it already!

    I've never tripped on any medicine, and that's not what I planned on. Would I get addicted if I tried some experimenting with them??

    And thanks for the edit tip. :wave::wave:
  5. :smoke::smoke: bumpin :smoke::smoke:

    any help please?? kinda need to know soon
  6. Tripping on DXM-based cough medicines has only a small risk of addiction. Experiment if you want but understand that your experience will be WEIRD. And make sure you take a medicine with ONLY DXM as the active ingredient, otherwise you might find yourself an hour later bent over the toilet for the rest of the night.

    Anyway, as for the coughing the only thing I can recommend is edibles - firecrackers work great! - but that's not always realistic for some people. Otherwise, if you arent already trying something that's water filtered such as a bong, or bubbler, try that. Or a vape, vape's work great, save bud, and get you FUCKED.

    'cept, vapes are 'spensive.

  7. Yeah edibles aren't a choice. And I only have a bowl around, but normally when I hit the bong and bubbler it's still the same thing. I really don't know.

    I have seasonal allergies?? Normally in the spring though, but could they be connected??
  8. It could be, but I've never heard of weed exacerbating allergies. The drummer in my band/best friend/fellow head has a weak throat and ALWAYS coughs his insides out every rip he takes. He vocalizes each time he coughs (it sorta sounds like he's getting punched in the stomach) and says that it helps a lot. I guess coughing like that puts less stress on your throat and isn't that painful.

  9. Mines just like a flemmy cough. It just won't go away and I don't know what to do.. I'm gonna get some Mucinex DM, i think I need to be loosened up.. no homo:D
  10. Last night I picked up some Mucinex D extra strength and smoked a nice blunt after and I've had a migraine for almost 12 hours and didnt sleep a wink last night. I don't know if the Mucinex had anything to do with it but judging by my experience i would even take the chance of doing the two together.

    Mucinex is out and im rollin a blunt now to fix me haha.

    BS -smoke-
  11. Actually herb will line your lungs with tar just like many cigarettes a day will. This will cause a cough, but it doesn't usually happen until you cut down on consumption for a while.

    Try not smoking for a couple weeks to a month, that is when your lungs will start cleaning out, and you will be coughing up loads of phlegm from all the smoke.

    Cannabis smoke is not helping to clear your lungs of tar, that is for damn sure.

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