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Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by AlmostBaked, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Hey blades,

    When I first started smoking I discovered a love for herb + ice cream.

    But have you tried Ben & Jerry's Crème brûlée ice cream? Oh my God. There's some pretty good ice cream in there, but swirled randomly throughout is this crunchy goodness, that's supposed to be exactly like the top hardened sugary part of the dessert. I seriously spent hours digging for that stuff, it's the best.

    Seriously try it out. See you in the clouds later tonight. :smoking:
  2. noooo doubt airheads and fucking extreme sourpatch kids
  3. i have a thing for peach rings and reeses pieces!:smoking:
  4. man i dont care what you say i still like the classic doritos !!!! and nachos!! ;}:smoke:
  5. i need to add one more, reeses big cup dammnnnnnnnnn
  6. Every freakin dorito tastes like the cheesiest one in the bag!
  7. hell ya man every one of those tasty lil fuckers surprise you in how tasty it is
  8. reeses pieces or fucking quaker apple oatmeal:smoking:
  9. Raisin oatmeal with butter always did it for me. I reach for cream cheese toaster strudels(sp?) chips ahoy chunky or double stuff oreos and milk.

    I can spend 20 fucking minutes just making a sandwhich, and it normally turns out to be worth it. Try it and get creative.:smoking:
  10. Lucky Charms <3
  11. nutter butter cookies and ramen noodles, chicken flav btw
  12. I'm a fan of the new Blazin' Buffalo Dorito's Chips.

    But lately I've been diggin the Ben and Jerry's, as well as Reeses Pieces and throw in a fruity candy like Starburst/Skittles
  13. dude i just bombed some tasty shit some kinda kush dont know what its called but now im starving for some dominoes cinnamon sticks! :bongin:
  14. sweet tarts
    fritos honey bbq twists
    arizona watermelon drank

    all that deliciousness for under 4 bucks
  15. k couple of my "creations" while high:

    3 or 4 pads of butter in a pan, FRY 3 slices of salami, throw on a hoagie with some prego sauce and some cheese.

    let a hershey bar melt, smear on little ceasar's pep pizza.(i was incredibly high for this 1)

    cook up some bernaise sauce, slice 2 hoagies into circles, then cook up some chicken ramen noodles. u can dunk the bread in the ramen or bernaise and its not an extreme change in ur palette bcuz they r both savory.

    and my best was cookin some snashed taters with peprika, garlic salt, onion powder, fresh ground pepper, chedder cheese. then i cooked 2 filet mignon steaks, diced into half inch cubes and just threw em into the taters.

  16. jesus man that just made me really fucking hungry the hoagie and the preggo sauce just sounds sooo god damn good

  17. I had to +rep you for that one...the taters and filet mignon? daaang.
  18. Taco Bell Period.
  19. I like too munch out at MCdonalds when im baked, i'll order like 10 double cheeseburgers and eat em all.. ill order like 5 small fries and 2 medium cokes on the side! well time to get baked!
  20. Pomagranet Lemonade and leftover pizza fron the night before. Damn do I love myself some leftover pizza! Oh, and mabye some Pasta with alfrado sauce.

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