mtv WTF?

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  1. WTF am i watching on mtv! it says rob dyrdek fantasy factory but its not!'s a fuckin movie of people trying to make roller skating i going crazy!!!!!!
  2. Yea my guide does that sometimes too, is your cable box on the right date ?
  3. My question to you is why you are even watching MTV. It's going to be the downfall of the human race in about 30 years.

  4. I don't watch it Mtv often just flipping through the channels and it's just that channel that's doing it..not that it matters:p but what is this GOD AWFUL movie lmao!!!!!!! you guys have to watch it
  5. Fun factory, Rob & Big and Nitro Circus are the only good shows on there. I remember back in the 80's when MTV actually played music, now all it is is hot rich girls crying and MTV pushing homosexuality and scandalous sexual behavior as the norm. I used to watch real world until this season when they cast a dude with his dick turned inside out and tucked inside him named Kaitlyn, I prefer to call him Keith....
  6. ^OMG wtf thats just sick!^ this movie is like "biker boyz" but with roller skates lol im hook on it because of house bad this is - oh and t.i. is in it so it has to be good!
  7. mtv went down the drain years ago.. fuck mtv
  8. Theres a few good shows on there

    real world, TI's road to redemption, fantasy factory, rob and big if its ever on, and nitro circus are pretty good
  9. I like the ones mentioned ^^ plus true life.
  10. Wait Ti road to redemption? F that
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    that show's pretty decent dude

    True lifes good too

    Edit: G's to gents is ok too I guess

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