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  1. call it... 4 most influential rappers of all time

    rakim- hes hip hops chuck berry, underappreciated in every way, one of the greatest albums of all time is paid in full

    2pac- one of the greatest, the highest selling rapper of all time

    jay-z: changed the game for all time, greatest of all time

    big/em- interchangable, if big wer alive now still making music hed be a shoo-in, but hes not. eminem changed the game and made it so a white boy could make it in a black mans world
  2. Rakim - your favorite rappers favorite rapper

    2pac - the realist rapper ever

    Nas - the greatest rapper ever

    Jay-Z - he brought the hip hop culture to the mainstream without loosing his street appeal
  3. krs one - the teacher
    nas - G.O.A.T.
    rakim - pioneer in rhyming
    a nine headed monster from shaolin
  4. Rakim



    Phonte ... an underrated 3k

  5. this is actually true because 50 cent named him as the greatest of all time and 50 is my favorite rapper
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    Del tha Funkee Homosapien (West Coast//Bay)
    Aesop Rock (East Coast//NY)
    Gift of Gab (West Coast//SoCal)
    MF DOOM (East Coast// New York)

    Influential? These guys wouldnt win the contest at this moment, but I firmly believe that in another decade or two, they will have influenced enough people to be deserving of this position...
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  8. 4 most influential?

    1. Rakim
    2. Kool G Rap
    3. Nas
    4. KRS-One
  9. 1.KRS One
    2. Rakim
    3. Big Daddy Kane
    4. Ice Cube
  10. biggie
    eazy e

    not my personal faves, but that's probably as close as you'll get for a general concensus. Two biggest from the west, best from the east.

    Pretty fucked up that nas is the only one still breathing.
  11. 4 most influential?

    1.Big L

    Not my personal faves but probably the most influential, imo.

  12. no fucking way eazy gets the nod over ice cube considering cube WROTE ALL THE SHIT FOR NWA AND EAZY'S FIRST ALBUM.

  13. I agree. cube > eazy
  14. I could make a list for days. But ill try to keep this short.

    Most influential from the early days of hip hop:
    All of NWA
    Slick Rick
    LL Cool J
    Ice T

    Most of Wu Tang
    Eazy E
    Ice Cube
    Big L

    More recent(past 10ish years, even though some of these artist from the other 2 lists are obviously still making music):
    Jay Z
    Lil Wayne(as much as I hate to say it)

    Well this is getting a little long so im done. I probably missed a few names but whatever. My other point is, its way too hard to make a very small list after around 25 years of mainstream hip hop.

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