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  1. Does anybody have any experience with this seedbank/breeder?
    I'm considering their THC Bomb for my next grow and any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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  2. hi mick i have used the seed bank myself but know a few people who have in the past ....most have said its a good seed bank etc ,,think one guy said he had trouble with the shipping ,,but that was couple years ago ,,and the company as been around 20 years or so ,,its Dutch company so it should be ok ....mac,,
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  3. Thanks mac.
  4. I used to grow that. It's ok. I like what their gorilla bomb looks like! I bought 5 beans and gave them away lol

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  5. I’ve ordered the same seeds from the same place. Also made 4 other orders to Australia. No dramas. I think they have a little trick with (stealth shipping) paid the most expensive first 2 times. Took about 10-14 days came stealth. Next 2 times paid the cheapest shipping and got the same stealth shipping and time frame.
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  6. I have , took about 3 weeks
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  7. I got some from them last year. Pineapple kush, sour diesel and bubblegum. The stealth packing was pretty good, fairly fast to Australia as well. Really impressed with their sour diesel, pineapple kush was pretty good too. Gave away the freebies that came with it, can't even remember what they were...
  8. If anyone is interested - I received my order from MSNL today.
    I can't say enough about their customer service. I didn't receive an e-mail of notification of shipping so I sent them an e-mail to inquire about the status of my order about a week later. They promptly responded and admitted they messed up and didn't get my order shipped on time. They apologized for the inconvenience and doubled my order. I got it in 8 days from GB. 20 - THC Bomb Fems, 10 - Afghan Regs, and 6 Cherry Kush Fems. I hope the seeds stay viable because I only grow 4 plants a year.

    Looking forward to my next grow.
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  9. Yep I have gotten beans from them before, I like their genetics....I ended up with some pretty decent flowers
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  10. I can't believe how good some of their deals are and seeing these reviews really helps. As a matter of fact I am about to look them up since you guys reminded me

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  11. I'll be glad to send you my addy......ill take great care of a few for ya if ya need me to!:love-m3j:
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