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Mr. Young.

Discussion in 'General' started by hafon420, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. Well I'm really stoned, and I got to thinking about a teacher that helped me towards graduation. He knew I was a stoner, and I came to school stoned (very often), but one day he came up to me right when I got to school, because he wanted to talk to me about staying after for make-up school, because I had missed so many days (stayin home and gettin stoned). I even showed up to school that day smoking a cig, and thats a no no (so the Principals say :p ) .

    Anyways, he didn't narc on me for being stoned, because I know that he knew I was stoned, and obviously I was smoking. But he never told any other staff or anyone about it. Because he beleived that [even tho I was a stoner] that I could pass. And somehow he got me to pass when I had already missed one whole semester for possesion, and over 20 days in the other semester.

    I was actually pretty high when I took all my exams and SOLs. Passed them all.

    But the main reason Im writing this thread is because, a week or so ago he was working on top of his house (2-stories up I think) and he fell off and landed on the concrete.

    He is on life support and they don't think he'll make it past Friday (7/9/2004). I just wanted to get this out... I wanted to say thanks to him, for helping me through High School, without that guy I'd prolly be a drop-out. Thank You Mr. Bob Young.

    If you have a relegion, pray for him. (If you think it will help :( ) .

    ......Well I was high and wanted to get that out somewhere public..
  2. thats cool he helped you, and sucks he fell. i dont pray and im not a firm believer in karma but i guess i kinda do so + Karma coming that way
  3. Heaps of good Aussie karma coming to your good guy mr bob young.

    Could ya visit him and let him know how ya feel ?? Might make the man happy knowing ...

  4. exactly my thoughts. for surely it would make him happy. i don't know why u wouldn't go! u really should. sry, i don't mean to sound pushy or anything but, he helped u out, now it's ur turn to let him know that he made a difference. there's not alot of teachers out there that care as much he did. good luck;)

    and i'll deffinately be praying and sending good karma:)
  5. Sorry to hear...

    He'll be in my thoughts...
  6. ....:(... that so sad... its great to have really great teache.r... one that truely cares about making a difference...

    :(... that so sad he fell.... its really sad.... i
    ..it always seems like the good ones have to die... dont it..

    ...well all my love is going out to him and his.... nad plenty of good karma.. for helping you pass....

    peace..... :)

    ..and ya you really should visit him....
  7. Yea, I might go see him tommorow if they allow visitors.
  8. iuve had teachers like taht too... he knew i smoked.. and im pretty sure i knew he smoked too ;)

    ....had my parents would be bitching ...and suddnely when grades were turned in id magiacly have those few points needed to rasie my grade to a C....... thanks Mr. Harkin's You glazey eyed fool! ;)...
  9. schools need more good teachers..... ..teaching the hardest job next to stay at home mom.... ..and the 2nd most important..... i have alot of respect for them... at one time i even though abotu becoming a teacher.....
  10. *flys karma over that big blue thing*

    Note--the sea

    another note--im too stoned to remember the name of the ocean...
  11. much GC ~karma~ going out towards him and his family, I hope for the best, keep us updated

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