Mr. SteamRoller

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  1. My good buddy PuRe CaNNaBLiSS rippin the mega steamroller

  2. how harsh are steamrollers compared to pipes?

    seems like it would rape ur throat
  3. haha, deadly shit man ++ rep

    smoke up err day :smoking::smoking:
  4. thats me rippin that beast!! it hits like a cannon i wont lie
  5. ha oh yea they can be pretty harsh
    if you chalk it up real nice you can feel like you almost wanna puke haha
    but boy oh boy does it get you ripped :smoking:
  6. Nice hit and also + rep for the slightly stoopid in the background
    Stay High
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    the bowl on it is monstrous. so if you pack it up fat and take some good rips you'll be nappin in about an hour hah:rolleyes:
  8. im actually gunna roast one out of that roller right nowwww :)
  9. tight shit, steam rollers are pretty dope i've smoked out of one before.
  10. i want to get one badly :eek:
  11. How harsh do they hit? Like is it harsh like a pipe or blunt, or do they hit like bongs.
  12. Great steamroller, looks like it rips.
  13. to be honest it all depends on ur piece. mine is a pretty hefty roller. so it hits on the harsher side. it hits hard like a pipe but you get the large hits all at once like a bong.

    theyre alot of fun and you take it straight to do dome!:smoking:
  14. depending on the size of the roller, i can say its comparable to taking a hit from a bowl. it can also feel like trying to inhale the shit skunks spray at you cause it hurts so bad
  15. goodbye my fellow roller :(
  16. Hell yeah I need to go pickup a new steamroller soon :smoking:
  17. Steamrollers are okay, hella bad for your lungs though...

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