Mr. Potato Head Kola Bud , Advice On Wardrobe And Name

Discussion in 'General' started by tk86high, May 24, 2013.

  1. So I decided to use some of my kids Mr. Potato head parts and make my kola bud come alive.
    I was thinking to name him Mr.bling. I couldnt find both ears to my kids Mr.Potato head so I left that out, anybody else can think of something cool to put on this stylish bud ? or cool name it should have ?


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  2. idk but i love the little bastord...
  3. I love it. 
    Name him Mr. Nugget. 
  4. Name him Herbie.
  5. That would be good one if it would have hermie the last days :p
  6. Mr. Ese Smiley De varrio doja bud
  7. Woow that's a long ass name amigo :D

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