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Read the story and tell me what I should do.

  1. Yes. Take this to the highest level.

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  2. No. Let it slide. Sounds like sore loser stuff.

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  3. Go to next PTO meeting with a big can of whupass

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  4. This is a pot site. Who cares.

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  1. Hey blades! Everyone having a nice weekend.I was gonna put this in the mellow section, but I ain't feelin mellow right now. I'm ready to go kick a mid-high basketball coaches ass! About 3/4 of the local PTO are gettin higher up my list too!

    Lemme calm down and tell the story.

    I'll be right back. Gotta go to the garage and take a hit or two. Even typing about this shit get's me all riled up. I don't get really pissed off too easy, but once I get there, my Irish ancestory kicks in and I can be a fuckin' lunatic. DAMNIT! WHERE'S MY FRIGGIN PIPE!

    Now the story.

    I'm coaching a 4th + 5th grade basketball team at the local school. They have e'nuff girls to have 4 teams and we play each other 3 times. This is the first year I've gotten to be a head coach. I'm not active in the PTO, I don't have the office job, or live on the good side of town, or play politics with the local school org.'s Which is why I was shocked I was picked as a coach. Until I saw the other teams and realized that we were supposed to be the cannon fodder of the league.
    All the other teams have 5 fifth graders. I got 3. One is little to boot. So basically I got one girl who knows whats going on, one big one who's very clumsy, but is getting better, and 6 others who are just learning the game. If this was my only problem I would'nt be here typing this.

    I'm proud of my girls! They got there ass kicked the first game. We only get 1 hour of practice in the gym a week, and a game every Saturday. But they have gotten better every week. Since that first game we've been close in every game, right down to the end. They're learning to play as team, which is the thing I've been on them about since the start. Nobody does it alone. Everybody participates. A lot of the other teams you see 2 girls doing everything and the rest just kinda running around with them. I don't let that happen. I got 2 players who don't have a basket yet. Some teams have players that have'nt even touched the ball yet! Is this startin to sound whiny? You ain't heard nothing yet!

    I have taught my girls from the start that you can't reach in, hack on the arm, push, or go over the back. The mid high coach runs the league. He and 2 high school students are the referees. Two other hi-school students run the clock and score board. After our first two games of watching people get fouled, and I'm not talking little hand fouls either, I mean scratch marks on the face, pushes from behind, tripping! Finally I called time out and strolled out on the floor for a little talk with the mid-hi coach-ref.

    Me: "Am I the onlu coach in this league that's been teaching my players not to foul on defense?"

    Him: "How should I know?"

    Me: " You could use that whistle for something besides a necklace!"

    Him: "If I called every foul we would'nt play at all. I'd be blowing this whistle all the time!"

    Me: "I thought the purpose of all this was to teach the right way to play basketball!"

    He agreed and said he would start watching a little closer. He started calling some, but was not consistent in any way. This was last game. We were 0-3 at this point.

    Which brings us to today.
    Hope this ain't too boring for you, because it's being good therapy for me!:)

    We were playing the team that kicked our ass good the first time. These are the jock kids with the jock parents. The other coach was the star quarterback of our rival high school way back when. Now they rule the PTO. Jaycees, Rotary Club, etc. etc. etc. Is this starting to sound like a Disney movie? Jesus!

    I worked "Mean Green" (our team name, the girls picked it) really hard last practice cause I wanted to at least make a good showing against this bunch. I had them hitting on all cylinders at practice.

    We played them hard. The ref was actully calling a pretty good game both ways.

    1:20 to go in the 4th period. We're down by 2. Mean Green brings down the ball and works it in to our big clumsy center, who turns (just like Shaq) and knocks it down! We're tied up!

    I'm yelling at them to get back and play defense, but the other team penetrates and gets a lay-up to go back up by 2!

    All this time I'm hearing a lot of yelling coming from the stands, my wife and a few others are yelling and pointing at the scoreboard. It say's we are 6 points behind! Should only be 2 behind! This is the third time this year that these hi-schoolers have not put up points for us. But it was the first time they actually gave points to the other team for our basket. All three times have been against this "PTO" team. Coincidence? I wonder.

    Emotion was a little high and I yelled at them that we don't get that many baskets would they at least put up the ones we do get! Mr. coach ref came over and yelled at me to get off his girls cases! Setting an example for the kids I backed off and apologized. They gave us our basket, but they would'nt take the one back that they gave them! It was our fucking basket! Not theirs! Why should they get points! I mentioned that they did'nt need his help to beat us, they were good e'nuff to do it on their own! He gave me a look and said, "let's just finish the game."

    Needless to say we got another basket, but still lost by 2. I made the girls go congratulate the other team, did the same myself. And then went to looking for Mr. coach-ref. He was no where to be found. So I hung out and waited. He was the last one out of the gym. I was waiting at the door.

    I did'nt get in his face, although I wanted to. I told him that I had parents that would be happy to run the scoreboard and would be more likely to pay attention to the game. He said to call the school superintendent. It was his rule that Hi-schoolers were supposed to do it. I asked him who was supposed to be supervising them. He said he was. I asked him if maybe he was a little too busy maybe they could get someone to watch them. He told me again to call the superintendent.

    I realize at the next PTO meeting they'll be talking about the coach that's always whining cause he never wins. But this ain't about me. I'm doing for the girls. They deserve better than this. Two of them had tears in their eyes when they left. They really wanted to win this one. Which pisses me off even more!

    Now for advice time. Should I let this die here? Should I pursue it with the school super? Post your result in the poll! Help me out here!

    I realize this ain't too pot related so I'll add this, I came home, rolled a 2 bombers, got a buddy and took a long cruise thru the country and calmed down! There. There's
    something about pot, so I don't feel so bad now!:)

    If you're still reading this, thank you for listening to my ramble. I feel a little better now that I got to write it all down.
    OK. You can do the poll now. A pal just gave a little blue momma's helper. I'll be mellow in a little bit!

  2. contact each parent have them call the school with the complant! put it in the paper ! talk openly about it!now your asking why i say this ,i was the fastist 5 miler in cross country i spent three years traning ,runing 7 miles each morning before school ,i broke the 4 min miles unafishally 3 time ,till the state meet,i was the 3rd fastist in the state section 10's if i placed good i would have gone to the olimpic try out! the sad fact is kids well be kids,the hole track team was busted in the grave yrd haveing a party ,only two of us wasnt! i traned my ass off and the school said" two people could not represent a school"! i was so fucking mad i threw the shoes at the caoch and walked out i never ran again! fight for them if you care ,they would for you! tazz11
  3. thank you ,smokinokie i cat change what happen to me, dont let them do that to your girls!
  4. what is the game with out rules and honisty!let them beat you on the cort face to face ,if you lose ,you lost! if not it was a fair and honist game that everone learns from! dont let them make your girls think cheating is the right way to win! in life that goes well beyound this game!tell the school that!good luck tazz11
  5. demand a rematch or a tie braker! your girls respect you show them you care. even if it dosent happen ,they well know you tryed and they well respect and love you in retrun for your honisty!
  6. I suppose in the grand scheme of things an elementary school basketball game don't amount to a hill of beans. Maybe some of this comes from the fact that I grew up gettin pushed around by people just like this, so maybe that's why I wanna fight back so hard now!

    I had the 'puter on all afternoon and came and wrote a little at a time 'cause it just kept pissing me off! But thank you, and everyone else for lettin me vent a little steam.

    I still can't decide if I oughta rock the boat or just get next time! We get one more crack at them. But I'm tired of seeing kids get smacked to the floor, especially my little ones, and nothing is done about it. Aw well, I just took a valium a buddy left me so I'm calming down now. Nothin but lil' candies and butterflies, ans happy little tee dah.........
  7. Take it to the highest level with a sixpack of wupass! ... take into consideration your future employment possabilitys. :)

    get the girls cained befo... oh wait these were 4th & 5th graders... maybe not then.

    get the PTO cained.


    ... i'm cained.

    very :D

    peace blades... watch out for Forrest Gump on his lawnmowers :)_

  8. or tazz in his snow plow!
  9. hide and go seek! is that you wildcard?cool
  10. Take it to the highest level! Then carry a BIIIIIGGGGGGG can of whoopass to back you up.
    These are kids learning the ways of life. The game should be taught to play fair as well as learn how ot win or loose and be good sports! The other coach must have been worried that he might loose if your baskets had been taken off his points! Teaching kids to win by taking advantage (CHEATING) is bull shit.

    Don't let'em get away with it! Be calm and smooth and let the PTO know that winning this way is teaching all the kids that it's ok to cheat if you win!

    Give'em hell and keep us posted!
  11. Anything that riles Mr. Okie up this bad has to be worth fighting for. I think you owe it to the girls to fight for this one. I belive that it is a life lesson to turn the other cheek in some cases and to go in with the guns set on full auto in other cases. Give them hell... whats the worst that can happen? We have enough whimpy kids in this world, maybe you can prevent a few more.

  12. The kids in the other teams are being given the disadvantage here. The will grow up not knowing what it takes to win... the kids on your team will have a much better character from the experience of being shat on by the authorities.

    ... that or they just wont like basketball.
  13. ooooooooooo that just pisses me the fuck off! You'd think that parents wouldn't allow this kind of shit to go on...that they would want to teach their kids to treat everyone fairly...and to play a fair game of ball...but, nooooooooooo...we have to be all classist, and cliquieish(sp?).
    Smokie make a big deal out of this...for the girl's on your are right on about how you're feeling...and these girl's know you care and need to see that not every adult will cow-tow to the kid's whose parents are members of the PTO.
    I hate the PTO...I joined when my boy started kindergarten...what a bunch of stuck up bitches...I dropped out after the "Prez" said my ideas would be disruptive to the children's teaching enviroment. Man, all I wanted to do was have the kid's dress up for Halloween, and have a little parade. We used to do that when I was a kid...:(
    Anyway, I think you should go for it Smokie. Let us know what happens.
  14. stand up for your girls, coach.
    you did the right thing, somthing very difficult to do when your the only one doing it. hang in there and show everyone whats right.
    this is somthing i do know for a fact, those who do wrong....KNOW IT.
  15. You did the right thing backing down and not throwing a tantrum in front of the girls, I know it must have been SOOOO HARD to not say something nasty!! You should definitely take it to the top!!!

    You are teaching these girls the important things about games, like team spirit, and that working hard will pay off... What happened at this game teaches them that there is dishonesty in the game, and may discourage them.. It's too bad that this happened, and nobody seems to care but you and your team! :(

    Call the parents up, have them complain too, that way it's not just one "whiny" coach, but an entire team's worth of parents with a legit complaint. I think, if brought to the school board, they would rule that yes, games should be scored by people who are going to operate the scoreboard professionally, and at least legitimately! How could they not? You may not get the "win" from that last game, but it could at least prevent such happenings in the future, and at least show your kids that sometimes taking a stand makes a difference...

    I wish you the best of luck. I agree, these girls deserve much more than they have received, and will look up to you for defending them in this case!
  16. What is the feeling of the parents of the other girls on the team? How do they feel about what happened and what do they want to do? As a parent of a player, you may want to hang some ref by his balls, but as Head Coach you represent the leadership position of all the parents from the team. Since I'm not walking in your shoes, my advice would be to discuss the situation with all the other parents and take the cue from them on your actions.

    Your girls are learning a valuable lesson about life from this. No matter how hard you practice, establish trust and teanwork, play by the rules, etc. you can still be screwed over by something you have no control over and its hard as hell to fix.

    Good Luck Smokie and tell us what came out.
  17. It's nice to know there's a ready place to come for opinions!:)
    I did pretty much what you just posted Poppa. I spent the rest of the weekend getting in touch with the team's parents and most felt the same as me. So, I talked with the school super this A.M. He was cordial, and straightforward, and I managed to stay civil. He said I was'nt the first call he had had on the matter and he was going to speak with all the parties involved. He was adamant about keeping the Hi- schoolers keeping score. He said the parent thing had turned ugly several times. I mentioned that I did'nt mind them doing it, if they did their job.

    I also told him that I had probably set myself to catch a lot of shit about this by calling him, ya know, the sore loser gig, but he assured me my name would'nt come up. I guess we'll have to see. No more games until after the holidays, Thank God!!! But, I think "Mean Green" is gonna have a few casual practices in the park, if the weather holds!;) We'll be ready for them PTO Nazis next time:)

    Thankee for the input!
    Y'all alright!;)
  18. good for you man! i know now you feel like you didnt turn you back on them like the others did and if you get a rematch or not theyll know you tryed and more importent you well know you tryed .you and you alone have the power to change your life and those around you ,how much is a matter of weather you are welling to take some pain as well hardship to help others! i am tazz11, i know these things ,have a good game ,win or lose , man!
  19. Damn i was hopeful that you went and kicked some ausome ass!

    On a second note you did the right thing. I am proud to know ya smokie.

    As for BPP you have sound advise there partner. I hope when i have troubles you'll help me out instead of saying i'm full of shit!hahahaha

    Have a great day friends!
  20. I'm glad everything worked out OK and a peaceful ending is in sight. At least you didn't have to throw half empty plastic beer bottles at the refs like we've seen in football lately.

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