Mowing The Lawn Enjoyment?

Discussion in 'General' started by HuckabeeJellyDickATM, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Hey my fellow blades and bladettes I had a question whether you take enjoyment in mowing the lawn or not?
    If not share a some stories about lawn mowing expeditions you have been on whether medicated or not.
    I shall begin, I was contracted to cut the lawn of a fellow neighbor of mine, so I agreed and before business started I was elbow deep in a bowl pack. I don't always have to blaze before I cut the grass but this guy's yard was bananas. Anyway I get to his yard, Im pretty baked but I can function, I also have a rule to receive the money up front and by the looks of his yard this rule was nearly mandatory. It seemed like a day had passed by the time I had  come nearly close to finishing, and I got one of those high ideas where it sounds the tits but then after all the rigamaroll is over with seemed like the worst idea ever imagined. Basically because his yard was so huge I wanted to advertise my name so I could get more buisness out there and I mowed my first name into his lawn thinking he would appreciate the free advertisement. His face could not have been more red :mad:. When I saw him I was like :eek: so what do you think. He told me to get off of his property and to never return but did not ask for his money back :hello:.
    Lets hear some stories come on now


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