Mowin the Lawn

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jrock93, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. I'm relativley new to smoking, I tried it about 2 yrs. ago, and have smoked about 60 times, but usually like once or twice a month, but recently I've been smokin a lot more, and a lot better bud.

    So, back to the story, I smoke like 3 bowls, and went out to mow the lawn. It was great, mostly because it felt like it took like 20min. but it took like an hr. each line felt like it took 5min. yet each section of my lawn felt like it took 2min. but, I hit a rock and now theres a huge dent in the blade. but, to be expected. I tuned into the sound of the engine, and I could hear the piston turning, the blade hitting the grass, and the sounds of the neighborhood were great.

    I love smoking often, and will deff. be smoking everytime I have to mow the lawn this summer.
  2. i cut the grass high as shit today. its kind of relaxing listening to my ipod and walking haha :smoking:
  3. Damn you must have been blazed :smoking:

  4. Haha sounds pretty cool man.
    I love smoking a bowl before i do a lotta housework. Makes things so much more interesting.:D
  5. Damn I haven't mown the lawn for ages. But you're right, it can be really chill on a hot day just walkin around cuttin grass. And really satisfying, too, mowing through all that shit.... seeing your progress.. yeah for real
  6. Fuck that. The last time I smoked right before I mowed the lawn was the last time I smoke before I mow the lawn.

    I took like 2 rips from a waterfall, and proceeded to mow the lawn under the HOT Florida sun. By the time I finished, I was sweat my ass off. I mean literally, I was fucking soaked.. and still baked. But I guess I didn't drink enough water or something, because the entire time I'm mowing the lawn, the longer I go the worse I start to feel. Finally I finish mowing and pack everything up and put it away. As soon as I put the mower away, shit starts happening - eyes become heavy, heart rate increases as does my breathing.. I try to walk but its very difficult - I realize I'm overheating. Sweat is all in my eyes and I have contacts, so I can barely open my eyes. Somehow evading unconsciousness, I make it to my bathroom and strip down and literally fall into the shower. I managed to reach up and turn it on cold. I proceeded to sit under that cold ass water for the next hour.

    Scary as fuck. :eek:

  7. a lil advice for keeping the sweat outa your eyes.. cut the arms off a old shirt and put the sleve overs your head..there better then a sweat band

    iam the lawn man.. if your feeling like that you needa give me a call;)
    no but seriously its not that bad iam out there 6 days a week in the blazing sun...summer hasent even really started yet:eek:
  8. Haha, it's kind of ironic too.

    Who did I idolize growing up?
    The Fireman? No
    The Police man? No
    The Doctor? No
    The Lawyer? No
    My Dad? No
    The Lawn Man? Yes

    Totally tied my wagon to the back of my big wheel and loaded that bitch up with my plastic lawn tools.
  9. mowin the yard is so fulfilling when high and with music its just even better... good story bro
  10. now try mowin 30 lawns a day.. but its ok my mexican makes it alright:hello:
  11. thumbs up on the story jrock. I love to do yard work blazed. Esp mowing the lawn.
    Housework is also a bit more fun blazed, but I tend to get distracted wayyy to often inside.
  12. Become a landscaper like me, You can do it everyday haha,
  13. this^^
  14. Christ, I don't think anyone has ever enjoyed mowing the lawn as much as you guys.
    And I've driven a ride-on mower.
    Into a fence.
  15. i love smoking and mowing my lawn, i just get into this zone and just start thinking about random shit. it's awesome
  16. I mow my lawn every other week on wensday. I'm lookin foward to next wed. haha.
  17. L o fucking l.
  18. This reminds me of when I used to have to mow my parents lawn when I was about fifteen. At least a couple of times I got ripped as hell first, through on my discman (yes, before Ipods and Mp3 players) and ran around the whole lawn, not realizing I hadn't dropped the blade on the riding mower.

    Nowdays My landlord is one of those people that likes to do yard work so he mows my lawn. I offered to when I first moved in, but he said not to worry about it. Plus his hot ass wife gets out there and tends to the gardening around my house. When I first moved in I was looking at all the flowers, thinking to myself, "Yeah, these are going to die, I'm sure as hell not taking care of them"....hehehe.
  19. last summer when i had the riding mower i'd set my bowl down in the cup holder and would occasionally hit it while riding around on the riding mower, mowing the grass and havin a blast.

    and i like how i just put that together.
  20. Smoking then cleaning/doing work is such a waste of a high IMO. I'd much rather be doing something i enjoy.

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