Mow Got BUD!!!!!! YEA>>>>

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MoW, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. I took the hermie and placed it in a paperbag, seperated the bud from the leafs. The bud stuff is nothing short of great!.
    I did a skinny then had a little trouble getting out of circuit city. took me 3 hours to return a sound card i didn't want, and of course look at everything 4 times before walking out without buying anything...I did place my order at the Pizza place from the car cellphone then drove all the way home before I realized I had to go back and get the Pizza's.

    The little but of bud I have I figure 1/4/ -1/2 OZ dry is very good and I think I have eough to get me to the harvest of what ladies I do have growing.

    To me it;s kinda like steping on the Moon ...first time I grew smoke seriously and it has been worth while.

    I am offically a newbie first class!

    Thanks guys for the advice and hand holding along the way.
  2. have the patience to let it cure long enough.
  3. congratulations! may your future grows be even more successful, and remember now that you are a grower! come back and help the newbies wherever poss...
    good luck
  4. well feels good to smoke your own instead of buying it doesn't it?.....Peace out...Sid
  5. It is a good feeling of empowerment.

    I have been doing the leafs that were very near the buds and they are good. I will try to let what I have age.
    I figure I do have 1/2 OZ total BUDS and about 1 OZ of those leafs.
    I had about 1/2 LB of alot of palms that came in handy when I needed them.
    I coolected the yellow guys to see how many I'd get there is quite a bit of waste but no tears cause it is garbage anyway.

    I have a little Hermie growing from one that I played at what you can call drowning. It did ok with getting dipped in a plastic bucket of water while always keeping the root tips ( 4 ") in the water. i would curse at it and dip it maybe 3-4 times a day, cause I figured I was stiffed,
    I took that one far away from the flower area and made a little flower area with 2 4' growlight flor's. I figure I might try to get seeds cause someone said it would be good to do so,
    It's has maybe 4-5 buds growing on it after the rest I chopped off and threw away long ago when I thought it was a male..

    Thanks again everyone.

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