Moving To The Outskirts Of Vancouver City

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    So I am one year out of highschool, with no secondary education. Ill have 3-4 grand and 3 buddies with me and we are planning to move to a place like Burnaby, BC.  I am planning on getting a job or apprenticeship, than going to school to further whatever trade seems to fit down there. 
    Now heres my question, preferably for people who live in the area. It would be very easy to move into my area with the plans I have, however vancouver is much more expensive. With housing and supplies it may be impossible to start life. WIll I have a problem getting work to support myself quickly?  I see many postings on kijiji and other websites but I also hear of competition being fierce out there. 
    Im really having a hard time finding info on how I will actually manage once i touchdown. There must be teens who have moved out of there parents house around vancouver who can share some knowledge? 
    My reasoning for moving is I lost touch of nearly everyone in my area , I have made nothing for me to help myself in my area (Career wise, Besides connects and customers), saved up some money, always dreamed of living in BC due to my hobbies, and all I have too look forward here is how easy it is to push weed because noone does it.  Which I would like to replace for a legal money flow.
    Ofcourse it would make more sense to stay here untill I am much more comfortable than move and find a job with experience, but I really feel as if i need to start that new life now.  Makes a lot of sense from my past. 


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