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Moving To NJ! Some Questions...

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by AjP420, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Hello Grasscity, I benefit greatly from good ol' Cannabis through some self medication. being i myself am moving to NJ, feel i should qualify for a medicinal liscense under the category of anorexia. There is one problem, However the anorexia is caused from the Focalin i am taking for my SEVERE ADHD/OCD. I KNOW that marijuana could help me decrease my dose of Focalin and also make me more hungry, but not sure what the Dr. would think. any ideas?
  2. I could be wrong, but I don't they give out cards for anorexia or OCD. New Jersey's lame, and the MMJ scene here is no different.
  3. Dont even bother, Christies got it so that even terminally ill patients have a hard time getting cards.
  4. damn, it was just that NJ is *close* to me, but kinda sounds like it might be worth hauling ass to Cali, but thats more living costs and stuff, but im sure i could find a shitty appt for like 1000$/month that i could swing.
  5. Have you ever heard of the NJ weed man? he stood outside of Christies office every tuesday with a sign saying " Gov. Christies Is A Fat Hypocrite" and mailed him some MMJ, gotta love the NJ weed man!

  6. Take it from someone who's lived here their whole life, New Jersey is the last place you should move. This state is boring, it smells, I could go on and on... When I used to vacation in California I never wanted to leave. And that was before I even knew about weed so imagine how awesome it would be. If I had the money and a job over there I would literally be packing my bags as I type this. California's the shit. The people are so chill, the weather's always beautiful, the scenery is beautiful. Everything about Cali makes me wants to kill myself for not living there.
  7. Im going to college for Meteorology, and i think Cali State has a top notch Meteorology courses from what i just asked my guidance counselor, if i apprentice in that, thats like 19$/hr right off the bat, plus union benefits >:D if everything comes in play, i have a feeling that i will throw a 20 top grasscity friends party ;D
  8. and what i was trying to say, but ddnt come out clearly, was that the Dr. might be able to see that well, if MMJ could fix his ADHD and OCD AND eliminate his need for Focalin, causing appetite gain, it might be a good idea. ive also been in a skateboarding accident where it made my spine shaped like a "C" and that causes pain where i go and see the Chiropractor every week... should i include that in my Soliloquy to the doctor lol
  9. You will not get medical weed in nj dont waste your time.... And to the guy saying its terrible not true... And it doesnt smell... Dont move just for medical weed unless its "life or death or highly neeeded" go to the school thats the best for you. And your future . They only give you mmj card if your are literally going to die. Which you arent.

    Also no places to get it or even open yet. Once christie is out office things will move
  10. The weed by the Jersey shore is pretty dank though.
  11. Yes also its dank .
  12. Tough to get weed & the taxes suck. Other than that NJ is great!

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