Moving to FL (Vero Beach area)

Discussion in 'General' started by Braves4590, May 13, 2010.

  1. So in a few days i'm moving down to Florida, the only thing i'm worried about is that Vero Beach is known to be kind of a retirement community. I know there is a high school there but the nearest university is UCF, like an hour and a half away. So in other words most of the people there will be either old or high schoolers. I'm 20 (transferring to UCF in the fall).

    So is there anyone here that has a bit more info on the demographic? Will it really suck or will there at least be a few people my age to chill with? And how are the cops in the area? I know FL in general is really strict when it comes to weed.
  2. Never heard of Vero Beach. Since your near UCF that must mean your near Orlando? Theres fun things to do around there. A lot of nice weed in Florida too
  3. Vero is all right. The beach is like any other, lots of girls, bars, etc.
  4. Vero is the best beach in fla. hands down. just came from out there.. :D
  5. sorry to ressurect an old ass post but im new to vero and wondering how there mary jane game is down here

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