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Discussion in 'General' started by Sciapodous, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Sup blades. As the title says sometime this year me and my girl are moving out to Colorado. I'll have enough of a savings to get us there and rent a place for a couple months, just wondering if anyone here that lives in Colorado knows which areas are cook friendly(job) and affordable to live?

    Also for anyone else who may know, will places rent to you without a job if you can show proof of savings? Would it be best to look around at rentals myself, or to go to a realtor there and have them find the place for me?

    First time moving to a new state where I have no family or friends already haha.
  2. moving anywhere without a job is a terrible idea. i'm sure there's lots of cook-y jobs in Colorado. look at craigslist. you havent even narrowed it down to a city. baby steps now 
  3. Well in all the areas of CO I've been looking have a pretty big need for cooks. Going there with enough savings to pay for 2-3 months worth of rent, gives me 2-3 months to find a job which is plenty doable. So how in the world is that a terrible idea? I've narrowed it down to a couple cities actually, that's why I'm asking which areas people think are more affordable/pot friendly. Do you even live in Colorado? Telling me to take baby steps and you're still crawling.
  4. Bro, if you have money to get by for a couple of months, you should be good. As long as you and your girly don't mind sucking hind tit while you get established, and you're willing to work, there are opportunities to be had here. Especially if you have burger-flipping skills.
  5. That's what I was thinking man. I would think we both could get jobs in a couple months(waitress). Then go from there, between the two of us we've never had any problem paying the bills before. My concern is mostly location. I've looked at fort collins, pueblo, colorado springs, basically only whats listed on craigslist, yet there seems to be a lot more to the state than that, and I'm not familiar with surrounding areas. What places would you recommend with a decent amount of restaurants and a 420 friendly scene?
  6. Well, it's a big fucking state with a lot of cool places, but the farther you get from the metro Front Range, the harder it is to get by without money and skills.
    I lived in Colorado Springs while in the military a long time ago, never cared for the atmosphere. I think since then it's just gone further into the toilet, just a big military reservation from there down to Pueblo.
    Lived in Northern Colorado, one of my favorite places anywhere, going back to hang out with my buddy up there this week. Fort Collins would be my choice in that neighborhood.
    Over on the West Slope now, love it, but bring your money with, 'cause it's damn hard to make any here.
  7. whats the cost of living in-around denver anyway?
  8. Hell yeah thanks man. I'll look more into Fort Collins. They have quite a few cooking jobs on craigslist, and I'm sure even more that I could find in person.
  9. @[member="Sciapodous"] that is awesome , me and my boyfriend are planning to move down there as well. were in the process of saving and finding trustworthy roommates to just live down there and once everyone is stable move on from there. ive been looking for houses down there for months and its really cheap !. compared to maryland anyways. its way too expensive and the authority are quite questionable down here, if you do find any information inform me !. i will do the same as well, i was planning to maybe move near Colorado Springs, or somewhere probably secluded from people so we can have a drama free enviroment. lol

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