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moving to AZ

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Punks Not Dead, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. ok...im movin down to tucson arizona soon...im wondering if they have good pot down there (i dont exactly know what i mean...but i felt i had to tell people this...i dunno) like i mean like...anyone who lives down there...is the pot htere good compared to other places youve been or i dunno...or anyone who lives here in MN and has been/lived in az (ive been there, but never smoked pot cuz my grandparents live there, and i wasnt gonna smoke at their house, cuz they are crazy) but yah...i dunno! sorry for botherin ya

    oh and i would ask if it is easy to get...but its easy to get almost anywhere, specially in a bigger city (like tuscon)

  2. Yayy! for brick schwaggg from mexico...jk

    most of what yoru ngonna get there is regs, but im sure there's plenty of good higher end budds as well, all depends who ya will know, meet, or find while there.... my suggestion... ust go out meet new people..... and lots of new connections..:D
  3. im from tucson give me a yell when u get here ill show ya around and show where to get decent buds noit always good but never bad

    aim handle brianbrewer69

    same email....brianbrewer69@aol.com
  4. cool man...ill be movin around december/january

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