Moving out soon! What to consider?

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    So within 2 months I will be leaving my parents house to live on my own for the first time. I have a small amount of money saved up ($400), which I am looking to buy furniture and appliances with. I am mainly counting on getting a full time job by September, which I will be making fairly decent money. I have gone over my budget countless times already and it seems to work out just to perfectly, with a lot to spare too. My expenses that I can think of: Rent (includes heat, water), Food, Hydro, Internet, Phone, Weed/Booze, Fun. This will leave me with about $600 to spare each month, which is going towards school. Is there anything that I am missing? Thanks in advance GC! Sorry about the wall of text, for some reason I cannot space them apart :s
  2. fuel and cost of running a vehicle,if you don't drive then public transport fees.
  3. honestly pay attention to your eating habits, that's the biggest killer for money people don't realize. remember to actually shop sales and with coupons, it saves me about 50 a month
  4. took the words right outta my mouth :wave:
  5. Haha great mind think alike;)
  6. I spend $350-$400/month on gas alone in my truck. and being 20 insurance is very expensive in my truck $300/month for liability and the only thing on my record is a speeding ticket when i was 16 which shouldn't show up...
  7. Don't bother with a car unless you have absolutely no choice... since you didn't bring it up I am assuming that you weren't planning to use one anyway. It is incredibly convenient but it is an enormous drain on funds.

    If the town you are living in has a decent public transport system, invest in a bus pass or something if you think you are going to use it frequently. If the bus system sucks, a bike is almost as good, and as a bonus if you have to bike everywhere you will not get fat and lazy. The only problem I can think of is carrying groceries home. I usually just go to the store a couple times a week to avoid having to carry a hundred dollars' worth of shit home at once.

    Vector (the cereal) is awesome. It costs a lot but it is probably the only reason I didn't die of some sort of vitamin deficiency at university.
  8. Yea I plan on driving my bike around for 8 months of the year, so a bus pass will be needed for 4 of the months. Other then that what should I buy as far as food goes? What kind of food can I buy a lot of that is healthy and cheap? I have learned to stop impulse buying, so spending money on extras isnt an issue. Thanks for the quick replies everyone!

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