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    Hey GC. Hows it goin?

    So im finally moving out of my parents place soon. VERY excited:smoke:
    I move out August 20th, so i have some time to get everything i need.

    Here's the facts. Im moving in to a big 7 bedroom house with 7 roomates including me.
    My room is the basement. It is approximately 20 by 10 with stone floors. Obviously, im a little concerned about living on stoned floors. It might be cold, uncomfortable, etc.

    So i need to get some carpet. What do i get tho? I could get some BIG area rugs. I could get some cheap carpet and just lay it down. If i just get standard carpet, will i need a padding too??? plz help.

    Also, any other recommendations on shit to buy? Ill be smoking alot. I also will be in my juior year of college, so ill have alot of shit to do.

    Im a huge penguins fan, so ill be buying banners, posters, etc.

    I really need advice on the carpet tho. i'm not too worried about heat because i can just buy a really good space heater. but i DO want to make sure the floor is warm and cozy.

    any advice would be AWESOME.
    thanks GC
  2. I don't like all carpet floors cause they get messy and you have to vacuum a lot so I'd just get a nice rug and put that diwn

  3. I wouldn't recommend installing carpet. Putting carpet on concrete can be a really time consuming job. Measuring, trimming, stretching, tacking, gluing, it's just not a fun thing to do in my opinion but if you're a do it yourselfer it could be a good future project.
    I'd just put rugs in the heavy traffic areas.

    As for stuff you'd need, it depends on what you already have?
    Do your friends have pots pans and dishes?
    A microwave and coffepot could be good for your room if you want.
    Possibly an air purifier of some sort if the basement is dank.
  4. you can go to home depot and just get them to cut you a length of carpet to the dimensions u want. It wont be pretty but it is the best bang for your buck. Get a few Ovechkin Posters
  5. bro here since i moved out before buying shit,,,,,big mistake... ill help you out

    load up on
    soaps toilet
    buy towls to shower
    by a electric heater since your in the basment
    rugs arent necessary if you wear socks all the time.
    laundry detergent
    fabric softner
    your own minifridge or people WILL EAT YOUR FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    a safe, safebox whatevs their like 40 bucks..

    im sure im missing stuff this is just off the top of my head, sorry for grammar

    edit.. razor blades you need those and their pricey
  6. A fellow penguins fan you from the burgh ?

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