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  1. Ok guys so I decided to move past CFLS and want to use MH for VEG and HPS for flowering. Now I know using both at the same time would be the best thing to do but i cant for multiple reasons so lets just leave it at that.

    Now i do want to use a ballast that could support both MH and HPS and already found one i would like to use online

    Each Bulb i want to use is gonna be 400 or 600watt ,havent decided yet ,(my grow space is about 3x3x8) and i can fit about 12-16 max but for now i only got 6

    now my questions are for those experienced in this field are

    For my Metal halide What should my Kelvin be at using 400 or 600watt..4200?5000?5500?
    For my 400 or 600watt HPS? 2000-2500?

    i tried looking for a 400watt 5500kelvin on 1000bulbs but they didnt have these even exist? ccause that what i ended up wanting to do but failed which lead me back to here.

    also do lumens matter if i got the right wattage and kelvin
  2. your space will not hold more than 9 flowering plants, maybe 12-16 while they are young. What ballast are you getting? Lumatek has the best switchable ballast but personally I would skip the MH and just get an hps with an Eye hortilux bulb. The hortilux hps bulb has 30% more blue spectrum and if you suuplement that with the cfls you already have for veg, your plants will love it.
  3. I took a look into the eye hortilux and was quite fond of it.
    so i think imma try it

    Now are you recommending the HORTLIUX SUPER HPS or HORTLIUX SUPER BLUE

    the super blue states that its both HPS and MH in one so maybe that one?
    then the super hps says 30% more blues, and thats what u mentioned ?

    And what hood/reflector would u recommend for it (i decided to get 600watt)
    and ballast

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