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Discussion in 'General' started by KingTut, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Got evicted from my house in Cali and just graduated so im movin to my gramps in Arizona, and from what ive heard the weed there is just shitty and if its good its expensive. Is this true, anyone know where i can find the good weed at.
  2. Man, that's untrue. The weed here is just as good as anywhere else and it's about the same price. No worries, man. :smoke:
  3. The hottest it's ever been in Phoenix is 117 degrees. I'm pretty sure it was not 126.
  4. Thanks for the links man, it was helpful, let me know that theres a weed drought every summer, gay
    Im movin north of Phoenix to Prescott, its by flagstaff if you didnt know and its like 2 hours from anywhere on the site.

    How would you compare it to the medical of Cali, cuz on the link it said its all just straight Reggies in the AZ
  5. ya its fucking over 100 here daily now and it sux! sweatin balls every day, shit
  6. Quality and consistency are a more troublesome find in az. One week it's nice and fresh name brand stuff that knocks your ass out then the next week it's just some "dank" that hits hard but fades in an hour. 8ths are usually 55-60 and q's are 105-115. The good stuff in az can compare with cali but because of a lack of variety available, you'll get a tolerance fast to the few names you can get.
  7. tucson has good weed man. and whats up with people calling it hot? okay its really hot here but it's not THAT hot.
  8. the people I know in AZ come here to get their weed.
  9. Hey man, Arizona isn't that bad. Sure, it's hot as hell, but other than that it's pretty cool. Especially the northern part of the state, like where you're going. I've heard from a lot of people here that they have a hard time finding good bud, but I have a steady supply of straight 8/10, 9/10, and 10/10 of buds for 60 an eighth- kinda pricey to some people, but it is POSSIBLE to get it cheaper ;).

    Anyway, hope you enjoy it here. I would definitely love to move to Cali, but Arizona isn't too bad. Good luck!

    P.S. PM me if you ever wanna chat, I've lived here most of my life so I can tell you most anything you'd like to know. :smoking:
  10. Ay well i made it here like last week, and I am almost out of weed, bought like an O or maybe more idont know, it was just a big ass bag of medical Ak-47 trim. Maybe not the dankest bud but when you smoke enough of it you will get high, still havent found anyone to pick up from but oh well ill find somone eventually
  11. How do you like it in this horrible hot as fuck place some of us call home? At least we aren't swamped with fuckin humidity x,x;
  12. Actuallly its pretty chill where im at, up in Prescott valley where im up like 5000 feet. Its so far from any pollution that i feel i can take extra breaths of air, only thing that sucks is that its fucking dry as hell and ive been getting nose bleeds
  13. Weed in Arizona is always easy to come by, you just have to find good connects. I live in Tucson and I can always find weed for cheap. For regs I usually pay around 45-55/o and for dank I usually pay around 250-320/o.

    It can get pretty hot in Arizona, but it really depends on where you live. Up north in the Flagstaff area it can actually be pretty cold, but down south in the Tucson/Phoenix it can get hot, but it's not really THAT hot. While it can get pretty hot during the day it can cold fast at night. During the winter it can get below freezing outside, it's even snowed a few times.
  14. Uh I'm used to paying $20 for a "dub" where I'm from. In Arizona, Tempe to be exact, I paid $20 for over 7 grams and it was way better than the reggie around here although that's what they called it out there. For dank, I went in on a half o with some friends, ended up paying about $50 for an 1/8 of some of the best bud I've ever come across.

    It's out there and it's not priced terribly, but as always you have to have the right connects.
  15. Yeah i live out in Phoenix, it's pretty damn hot but nothin else i can do about it, and like someone else said as long as you find the right connects you can find some dank buds.
  16. anyone know then where i can find the connects up here, doesnt seem like ive been running into ny stoners at all
  17. Funny you guys talkin about the heat in Tuscon/Phoenix. Come to LHC, Arizona. Now thats hot! Althou so far we cant complain to much. Its been a pretty mild summer so far. Course i will be eating my words soon thou.
  18. sup gents. just registered on the site, thought i'd check out a few az discussions and say what's up. I'm from phx myself.
    yeah it's pretty warm out there these days. but the whole country is pretty warm right now.

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